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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Undercover Alien by Barbara Romo

Publisher:  Crescent Moon Press
Pages:  272
From the Cover:  "Tell me, Mr. Smith, when did you first suspect you had been abducted by aliens?"

It's just another day on the job for Hannah Morgan, professional ufologist. Fiercely protective of those who entrust her with their secrets, she has no patience for a rich playboy who says he wants to help, then treats the study of UFOs like a joke. Other women might fall for a gorgeous man who sets off sparks with just a touch - literally - but not her. Nope.
Gideon Cyrus might be wearing a cap with dancing green men on it, but he takes extraterrestrials very seriously. After all, he is an alien. Not that he can prove it at the moment - his latest attempt to use his maturing Olam powers only blew up his microwave - but the time is coming when he'll demonstrate his worth not only to his beloved adopted planet, but to one stubborn, fascinating ufologist.


Hannah Morgan is an ufologist, seeking out individuals who have been abducted by aliens, or so they say.  She treats them respect and a caring nature, even if she is a scientist needing concrete evidence to prove once and for all that aliens to exist.  Sometimes, the evidence seems sound, especially when abductees  have injuries left from the curious examinations.  Even when they're terrified it will happen again, even when it may have happened to her own father.

Gideon Cyrus is one of the said aliens, an Olam to be exact.  One of the superbeings of the universe, but they are prohibited from interfering in what's happening to the Earthers, besides, an alien race of supreme strength and intelligence would never harm one of the lesser species would they?  The N'weretil (the little gray men) have been granted license to oversee the Human race on Earth, because if left to their own devices, humanity might wipe itself out completely. 

Gideon must find a way to save his Earthen home, if the N'weretil are allow to take over, what will happen to free will?  Humanity will not be able to live under the yoke of an alien race.  They'd rather die first, and they will.  He devices a plan to expose the alien conspiracy but to make it work, he'll need the help of an ufologist, and so into his life walks Hannah Morgan.

Undercover Alien by Barbara Romo was a quick fun read with a stubborn heroine and magnetic hero.  Hannah has had a rough time of it. Her would be ex-fiance used her to get a story for his trashing tabloid paper.  Now she hopes to shield her father from others just like Stuart.  Gideon has lived his entire life in the lap of luxury, when you're a superbeing with an extra long life, finding ways to make money as well as spending it and being entertained becomes a way of life. When Joshua, Gideon's mentor, brings news that the N'weretil will soon take possession of the Earth, he finds a purpose for his life.  He can't let humanity die, and die they will if they fight the N'weretil.  When he finds Hannah, she's unbelieving of his story, a skeptic at best, until she has to believe her own eyes. But can they save Earth, humanity, and what will the cost be?

Undercover Alien was an excellent tale that lovers of science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal romance will love.  Our hard headed heroine meets her match in the equally stubborn alien.  There are fun supporting characters like Brost, a miniature aquamarine alien life form with eyes to match that keeps Gideon on his toes.  Scary aliens taking the form of the N'weretil, who will stoop to any length to get what they want, control of the Human race.  If you like action adventure, pick this book up, it's one mishap to the next in the fight to save humanity.  If you like steamy romance, hot heroes, and heroines coming to value their own self worth, try this story.  It's all to be found in this book.  I hope to learn more of the Olams as well as Hannah and Gideon in the books yet to come.  I'll certainly be looking forward to Prodigal Alien, the second book in Ms. Romo's Alien Series.  I love the images this title creates.  Undercover Alien is an excellent book to lose yourself.  I truly enjoyed the ride.  If you'd like to order this book in print or ebook format, click here or at Amazon here.

I received this book in PDF format from Crescent Moon Press. All opinions expressed are my own.


Blodeuedd said...

Hi Dottie,
Sounds like a cool book :D

host said...

Hey! Great review :) The book sounds very interesting, it's going on my TBR list.

Unknown said...

Hi B!

I liked it, can't wait to take a peek at the next one in the series.

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Host!

I discovered Crescent Moon Press when BBB had their online party. All of their books look great! I've read two of them so far, and now disappointed. I hope you get a chance to try Undercover Alien, I enjoyed it!

Dottie :)

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