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Thursday, February 10, 2011

All About Steve (or how to know if you're stalking you're would be boyfriend....)

Starring: Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper, and Thomas Haden Church

(only quibble with this poster, the umbrella is blue and white)

Okay, I know this movie came out September 4, 2009, but this is the first chance I've had to watch it, and can I say....  OMG....  this is probably the funniest movie I've seen since Steve Carrell and Tina Fey's Date Night.  I'm sorry I missed it in the theaters but at least, after watching All About Steve, I feel I've justified the expense of HBO for one more month.  LOL  (Not that True Blood isn't justification enough....)

All About Steve starts out with non-stop talking Mary (Sandra Bullock, and yes, with blonde hair) explaining her life to a group of children.  You see, Mary has an interesting job, she constructs the daily crossword puzzles for the Sacramento Herald, the paper's cruciverbalist.

Mary is smart, very verbose, laughs at her own jokes, and she's an all around nice girl who's closest friend is her pet hamster, Carol.  When her parents set her up on a blind date with another couple's son, Steve (Bradley Cooper), Mary is sure the date will be a bust.  I mean, really?  Mom and Dad?  Setting up a blind date?  For their adult daughter?  Then, she sees Steve, local cameraman for CCN news.... and her eyes go pop along with her mind and her knickers.  From the minute she sees Steve, she's sure she's found THE ONE for her.  She's uncharacteristically quiet on the walk to the car, but as she watches Steve talk, she feels his lips calling to hers, and... well, I guess you can guess the rest.  Lets just say... he wears her lip gloss... a lot of it...

Steve fakes a call from work to ditch the UBER HOT Mary.  But, he makes one fatal mistake...  he says he wishes Mary could come with him if not for her job with the Sacramento Herald.  That's all the incentive Mary needs.
(love Mary's red books she wears everywhere, she says it "makes her toes feel like ten friends on a camping trip"...  )

Her next crossword is entitled "All About Steve" which is impossible because no one even freaking knows Steve... she's only just met him!  Patrons are.... pissed.... upset because the puzzle makes no sense!  Which leads to Mary's dismissal from her job :(  but every dark cloud has a silver lining....

Mary has an epiphany..... Just maybe she was suppose to lose her job so she can follow Steve around the country in an attempt to be with him as he had requested on their first and only date that didn't get past the front (or I should say the back) seat of his car.

So, off Mary sets, job free, to locate Steve and when she finds him.....

Mary's like a puppy who finds a new home but maybe Steve isn't looking for a roommate?

So, one misadventure leads to another including Mary running along side Steve's news van, with Hughes (Thomas Haden Church) encouraging Mary to keep following Steve, and culminating in Mary falling down a gigantic sink hole that the CCN team is covering. 

With some quick thinking on Mary's part, she saves herself, a little deaf girl, AND the CCN reporter, Hughes, who inadvertently throws himself down the sinkhole to save Mary (and get his fifteen minutes of fame...).

Through all the running and chaos, Mary starts seeing herself as others do, and realizes people care about her, and for the first ever, new friendships develop.  Awwwww, (pass me a tissue please) and she realizes, she may not even need Steve.

If you haven't had a chance to see this entertaining little flick, I highly recommend renting it or picking up the DVD (or if you have HBO, keep watching, it'll show up or who knows, it may be On Demand again).

I laughed through the entire film, and Sandra Bullock's character, Mary Magalene Horowitz (it's her Jewish/Catholic heritage), makes the movie.  She wiggles, stomps her little red books in excitement, and jumps through hoop after hoop to find Steve who may be still hiding in the CCN News van for all we know... frightened of his would-be stalker/crazy almost girlfriend, Mary.


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