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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 48, The Friday Post (on Saturday)

Well, I'm late again, but here's my flash fiction entry. Really struggled trying to come up with something, but on a side note, the YA MS I'm working on is coming right along. Almost to 13,000 words after a long dry period when I could figure out how to move the story. Then, it came to me out of the blue, and I wonder...what the ..., why were you struggling, lol. Doh!

Destiny Revealed
By: Dottie Taylor
Word Count: 350

Lightning flashed through the smoke filled sky, striking indiscriminately. It was burning, all of it. Astral gazed over her city, her place in the clouds. The demon angels filled the air, all grieving the loss of their home.

This was her punishment for escaping the Dark Prince. He was magnetic, impossible to refuse, seductive in his need to possess her. He'd become her life, her breath, her every need, killing her a little more with every fiery stroke along her pale flesh. But, he couldn't force her to love him, and that was the one thing he desired.

Now, the screams could be heard rebounding from the cliff sides, echoing her pain.

When she would not love his Darkness, the Prince's wrath for her disregard brought pain to those around her. Baiting her to return to him, to give him what he desired, even if it was a lie.

“Why?” She demanded aloud, “Why do you demand what I cannot give?”

A boom resounded in her ears. “You are mine, I will have you!”

“No person can be owned.” She called back.

“I have no desire to own, merely possess.” He seductively called. “I will return what has been taken,” he purred, “give in to my demands.”

“For my life, you will return our homes?”

“Yes,” he answered enticingly.

“Then, I demure, take what you desire.”

“Freely given?”

Defeat filled her voice. “Freely given.”

“You will come to love me.”

She hung her head, whispering. “No, I will not.”

Thunder rumbled, the lightning came closer.

Astral lifted her face, “but you may have my body.”

With a crack of lightning, Astral vanished from the cliffs. Laughter thundered, pleasure at her supposed defeat.

The Dark Prince possessed Astral for many years, finally tiring of her refusal. Another, more amendable, soul would be found.

Though ravaged by the Darkness's caresses, Astral smiled. With all his ungodly power, she was victorious. Though he had possessed her body, he was unable to steal the one thing he coveted, love.

I hope everyone else had fun with this!

Have a great weekend!



Blodeuedd said...

I really liked it :D And I hope she finds happiness in the end.

Oh and yay that your YA story is going so well

Anachronist said...

Great to know you are writing a YA story - I liked your flash too!

Anonymous said...

Of course she never loved him. Great story.

Glad to hear YA story is coming right along.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Very good story. Emotion is always so desired, yet not always given. And strong emotion at that. Great story! :)

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