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Monday, March 23, 2009

Hannah and Kermit--nothing to do with books

Hi Everyone!

My niece, Hannah called me today! I know, I couldn't believe it either! Her royal highness is speaking to the serfs today! LOL Isn't she the sweetest thing--not!! LOL Just kidding Hannah, I know I'm your favorite aunt, so don't let Aunt Michelle see this post! She's getting ready to go player soccer at the moment, but took a few of her precious minutes to talk to me and to sing me her rap. She's one stylin' little chick.
I also promised I would give equal time to her new tree frog, Kermit. If you look real close and kind of squint your eyes, you can almost see him! He happens to be her fourth frog, it's not easy to come up with all those frog names! (All the rest died of mysterious rainforest diseases such as Hannah trying to hold them!) So, here Hannah's post of her and her frog, and may the gods of all tree frog bless this one and keep it alive!


Blanche said...

How cute is Hannah!! I'm trying to find the frog.....I'll keep looking!! LOL

Unknown said...

Hi Blanche!!

He's hidden inside the twigs and leaves, he's really hard to see!! LOL Took me forever to locate the little rascal! ha!

Dottie :)

Anonymous said...

Your niece is adorable!! Kermit must be tiny, I tried squinting but I still can't see the frog, lol.

Unknown said...

Hi Barbara!

Hannah knows she's adorable! She rotten to the core! I mean, look at the ways she's standing! My sister is going to have her hands full with that one!

The tree frog is so tiny, it's right in the middle of the brown spot. I ask them to move the brown leaf, and they said they couldn't, it would also move the frog!

Dottie :)

Lea said...

Hey Dottie!

Hannah is so cute and she looks very sassy! lol

A frog eh? Well what better name for him than Kermit right? lol

Wonderful post Dottie.

Sorry, I got behind with my visits yesterday.... yikes!

Warm Regards

Unknown said...

Hi Lea!!!

What a busy day yesterday was!

It's frog, believe it on not!

Yeah, that's my Hannah, full of sass!

Thanks for coming by, you have been one busy girl!



Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Your niece is adorable. You are right, your sister will have her hands full. I have a 15yr old girl and believe me... it only gets worst **laughing, but enjoying it**. I wouldn't trade it for anything though!

The frog... I feel like we are playing "Find Waldo!" lol!! I think I see him **getting excited***
Hope you have a great day!

Unknown said...

Hi Cecile!

Glad you stopped by! Hannah is a sweetie, but the devil is in her eyes. I have a 16 yr old, and it can be a rocky ride! Everything is one big drama, from cheerleading to tumbling, and the list goes on.....

Like you, I won't trade one minute, well there was that time when she a tizzy over nothing....oh the drama...nah, I won't trade it ever!

The frog is incredible hard to see! I had to call me sister to find his hiding spot which is apparently in plain sight, he's brown with a little green, perfect coloring for a tree frog. I hope this one survives, they are temperamental little critters. LOL

Dottie :)

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