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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Seventieth Anniversity of the Wizard of Oz--Oh My!!

This is just a quick post about a movie that is an all-time favorite of mine: The Wizard of Oz. It holds a special place in my heart as one of the first movies I ever remember watching. Mostly because it scared the hell out of me. I mean, I was but an infant (the movie was already over 20 years old when I was born), and my parents thought nothing of letting me watch a movie where an evil wicked dried up woman tried to steel Dorothy's dog and kill him, Dorothy tries to runaway from home - in a twister, Dorothy is blown, tossed around in a house that is ripped from the ground, and dropped -- onto a witch, said witch's evil sister tries to capture poor Dorothy and lets the evil flying monkeys rip Dorothy's friend, the straw man (aka the scarecrow - who was scary all by himself) into tiny bits and pieces, and finally after attempting to get home, she is left in this drug addicts nightmare of a place by the only person who could save her -- the Wizard of Oz.

And people wonder why I'm warped.

(Oh, and I have to mention that the main character, Dorothy, has the same name as me -- this is what I grew up with -- "Dorothy, where's Toto", "Dorothy, been to Oz lately", Dorothy, where's the wicked witch", "Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore, or my all time personal favorite: "Dorothy, I've got a yellow brick road for you to follow." -- please all these response were from males -- how original!)

It is really one of my all time favorites now, and I must say, as terrified of the movie as I was when I was a child, I hesitated to let my daughter watch the movie. She begged and begged until I gave in. The whole time we were watching the movie, I kept saying "You know, it's only a movie" -- it was a mantra, until my daughter asked me to be quiet, I was ruining the movie for her. She then brought home this massive book of the Wizard of Oz and read it, and all the books that went with it. Kids, they do the darnedest things. She now tells me that the movie scared her too, but she couldn't tell I was right, that it was a scary movie. Ah, well, live and learn. It clearly was before it's time and now, has earned a place in my heart and my top movie of all time list. So, here's a clip of the movie trailer that is now seventy years old and one of my personal favorites:

Dottie :-)

BTW, I am wearing green today, so no pinches for me!!

Happy St. Patty's Day!! And may the luck of the Irish be with you!!

Besides, I love fairies and fairies and leprechauns are the most active today, so everyone remember to be kind to the wee creatures, or there just might be a trick in it for you!

P.S. Don't forget to stop by Barbara's place to get in on the giveaway of Samantha Sommersby's Forbidden: The Temptation, the contest ends Friday, so hurry on over.

Dottie :))

OMG---I almost forgot, it's Happy Publishing Day for Harley Jane Kozak and her new book, A Date You Can't Refuse.

Congrats Harley!!

Dottie :0) (I really am going this time)


Kristie (J) said...

I remember when I was a kid - many years ago now *g*, they played this movie once a year. It was always a special 'movie night' for the whole family. For years I was terrified of the flying monkeys - even though year after year, they proved themselves most grateful to Dorothy for throwing water of the witch. Sure enough the next year I seemed to forget that part and get scared all over again.

Unknown said...

Hi Kristie!

Glad you stopped by!

I know, it never failed, I knew the witch was going to die and the flying monkeys were her prisoners, but it still scared me all the same.

Dottie :)

Lea said...

I looked forward to this movie every year as a kid Dottie! My mom would make the popcorn and a friend would come over and we would be glued to the TV the entire time.

Wait until Blanche sees this post, she loves, loves, loves the Wizard of Oz. She even has Wicked Witch bookmarks! lol

Great post
Happy St. Pat's

Unknown said...

Hi Lea!

As soon as I was old enough to understand the movie, it became a yearly favorite to watch, although the flying monkeys scared me for years. I mean, come on, if one of those things got stuck in my attic like a bat, I'd have to move (we have mega bats here, they freak me too)!

I really, really love the movie now, and my daughter and I watch it when it's played at the holidays, and every year, we think about getting our own copy. We just haven't got around to it yet...maybe this year.

Dottie :)

Blanche said...

Hi Dottie!!

Yay.....I LOVE this movie and it has always been my very very favorite of alll times! I grew up in Kansas so how could you not be a fan! When I was little this movie came out every single year between Thanksgiving and Christmas and it was a big family event for us!! I can recite the entire movie word for word (when you've seen it a bazillion times that happens) and (I shared this somewhere) it is my "cleaning" DVD! I put it in just to hear it and I clean, it really works, keep me moving and by the time the movie is over my house is clean!I have a copy of the DVD for each of my 2 kids put away in my hopechest along with other things.....just from Mom special things for when they are all grown up and out on their own! I'm trying to find it in Blue Ray but so far haven't found it!!
Did I mention I LOVE this movie? LOL Oh and our dog is named Toby but I have always called him ToTo!! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Blanche!

Yes, I believe you have mentioned you LOVE this movie!! LOL LOL It happens to be one of my personal favorites of all time. And when I saw that it was it's 70th birthday, I had to blog it. After all the main character does have my name and I learned to sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow so loud that my mom would have to ask me to tone down my voice. Ha! We may not have the twisters of Kansas, but we have some wicked tornadoes. Some are house movers! Anyway, watch it once for me today!

Dottie :)

Blanche said...

Just letting you know I'm watching it now! LOL I have to help celebrate it's 70th Anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Kristie -

I'm with you. The flying monkeys always scared the heck out of me when I was a kid. I still watch that big flying monkey scene with my hands over my eyes.


Unknown said...

Hi Blanche!

I'm glad your celebrating, I found the movie online (has Japanese subtitles, but I can live with that), so I thought might take a look at it too, maybe after dinner, there's nothing on TV anyway, although I do read a book calling my name!

It's such a good movie, except for the big scary monkeys that is! LOL!

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Sam!

Glad you stop in, LOVE the sound of your new book, I'll be watching for the series.

I reminder everyone to stop at Barbara's to take a peek and enter the contest!

And yes, those monkeys have always scared me! LOL LOL! But I still like to watch!

Dottie :)

sssalad said...

I am sensing that the monkeys scared you, Dottie. Maybe you should see a therapist for this? LOL
Just kidding ya!!!! I was scared to death of them too. I hated most of the movie when I was little because it was so scary. It all started with the tornado and went downhill from there. haha

Unknown said...

Hi Kim!

Yeah, the monkey's were bad, especially when they started to dismantle the scarecrow. But in the end, they turned out to be prisoners of the wicked witch too. I guess I need to get pass that! LOL Still, it's one of my all time favorite movies. How could I not like it, the main character's name is Dorothy! Talk to you soon!

Dottie :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! The Wizard of Oz is my hubby's all time favorite. Mine happens to be Gone With The Wind. Oddly enough, both were made in 1939 and both were originally directed by Victor Flemming. Hmmm...yeah, I think we're meant for each other, lol!!

Thanks for the pimpage, btw, Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Barbara!

So cool that you have so much in common! Both movies are from 1939---do we have a common bond with the time era? I am going to do a blog on Gone With The Wind sometime as well, it's also the 70th anniversary! I have several all time favorite movies. The Wizard of Oz, Gone With The Wind, and To Kill A Mockingbird are some I can watch over and over. All three movies scared me to death when I was a child. Funny how I grew to really like them as I got older. Gone With The Wind is my mom's all time favorite (I think because of Clark Gable-his hotness in her opinion).

I hope you had a great St. Patrick's day! I love your blog and I'm happy to pimp it any time I can!

Dottie :)

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