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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sassy Sunday Story Starter.... Several Weeks Late.....

Sassy Brit @Alternative Reads offers a Sunday Story Starter. This one is several weeks late!

Though this story starter is several weeks old, I started it, I never finished it. But, it keep calling me, begging to be completed. Anyway, here's my offering to her prompt, The Last Time....

The Last Time
by: Dottie Taylor
word count: 1000

“This is the last time,” I thought, my throat tight. But I knew I was lying to myself.

This wouldn't be the last time, I was addicted. It would never be enough. Not even when I was dead. So, I hid from the truth, but it grew harder with each breath.

My body burned with need, possessed with a fever, from which there wasn't any cure.

I rubbed my arms, chasing away the gooseflesh, and I shivered. If I didn't know better, I'd think it was the first signs of withdrawal, but to go through withdrawal, you first had give up what you knew was bad. I wasn't there yet, I never would be. I wanted to be done with this, but I couldn't. Gods, why is this happening to me? Was I so different from his other conquests?

My fevered eyes looked back into his. “Please,” I trembled, “I can't stop now, I don't want to.” I pushed back into the pillows, pulling him toward me, sighing as he touched me. He made it my decision.

His eyes shimmered, and he smiled showing his neat white teeth. Unnaturally straight, unnaturally white, and amazingly sharp. He leaned down, capturing my lips with his. Quickly, he sank down onto the bed, gathering my body. He longed for me as much as I longed for life. Only for him, would I give it up. What you may ask? Life I would reply.

My head swam, and I pushed away, far enough to catch my breath. Then, I dove back in for more. His kisses were like honey on my tongue, and I gulped to catch every drop. His tongue tickled the seam of my lips, demanding entrance, and I gladly obliged, eager to partake, to drink my fill. Our tongues began the mad dance, twining together as a moan escaped my raw throat.

His hands threaded through my hair, snapping my head back, and at the same time, his lips left mine, sliding down to linger on my pulse point. “Gods, you taste so good.” He inhaled sharply, memorizing my scent. “Mine.” His bristled chin rasped against tender flesh, abrading and marking me. I was his. There was no denying it, no going back. I gloried in my damnation.

His lips found their way along the length of my neck, then lower and deeper, sipping sweetly from hardening rosettes, ruby red from his ministrations. I groaned in pleasure. “Please more, don't stop.” I twisted as I whispered. “Not ever.”

Before his fangs pierced my flesh for the last time, for it would be for the last time, survival was forgone, I brought his lips back to mine, demanding his kisses.

“Tell me again,” I shook with need, “tell me how we'll be together. You'll love me forever. Tell me again.” I demanded.

His eyes swam into focus, I was slowly slipping away. But his voice came to me from the gathering fog. “You will be mine forever, as I take, so shall I give.” He nuzzled my neck, inhaling deeply, and I gave him greater access, almost forgetting myself.

He smiled down at me, gazing into my eyes with his midnight ones, and I saw the lie. Almost too late, I broke away, pushing from the comfort of his bed. One would never be enough, I would never be enough. From somewhere else, lonely cords greeted my ears, “someone to watch o-ver me...”

Stumbling from the bed, I dragged my blouse back around my shoulders, making my way from his embrace. Fumbling with stubborn buttons, my fingers were too cold to work. Finally, I gave up and glanced down, three haphazardly closed buttons held the fragile fabric to my thin body. When I arrived in the kitchen, I held my face beneath the facet, greedily sucking in the cold liquid, splashing my face, trying to recovery my senses.

As I stood in the kitchen, staring out into the black night, I felt him presence behind me. I'd had my chance to leave, and I'd discarded it. Escaping his arms a second time would be impossible.

He growled into my ear, “Where are you going? Come back to bed, I'll give you what you need.”

His reflection glowed in the window, and I knew I was lost. He picked up my hand and brought it his lips. Then, flipping it over, he licked the inside of my wrist. I whimpered, knees melting. My pulse pounded harder. His other arm curled around my waist, guiding me back the way I'd come, my willpower evaporated.

He didn't bother with the buttons as the fabric split beneath his demanding fingers. He pushed me back into the pillows, and said the lies my mind needed to hear. “I'll love you for as long as time will allow. Give to me, my love, and we'll be together. There will be no other.” It was the final lie, even as my brian recognized it, my heart gave in as it thudded.

With my sighed consent, victory shown in his greedy eyes. His lips once again began their exploration, seeking the soft flesh where my pulse throbbed the hardest. Almost gently, he made love to my body, bringing me to the edge of ecstasy, then pushing me over, crashing against pleasure's shore. He thrust one last time as he pierced the tenderest of places. I felt myself pouring into him, as he hungrily groaned out his delight. My eyes lost their focus, and before I knew it, I was gone.

Now, we truly are together, forever. Cursed, some would say, to a lonely existence. But, we dance and make love. We laugh as we hunt, feast as we need. I've become the monster I was always afraid of. When he slips away, I try not to notice. He's never gone for long.

Somedays, I miss the sunshine and rainbows. But, not for long, and it doesn't really matter. The nights are mine. And they are wondrous.

So, there you have it. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Caio, my lovelies!!


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