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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cecile's on Blogger

Hi Everyone!!

Just wanted everyone to help me welcome and to give a big shout out to our newest member of the blog community!

It's Cecile!!

Just click on her name and it will take you right to her blog!

So everyone stroll on over and say a big HI to Cecile!

Hi Cecile!

Dottie ;-)


Blanche said...

How exciting for Cecile!!! Great blog....I left her a comment!! Thanks for letting us know Dottie!! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Blanche!

I'm so glad she finally took the plunge!

Dottie :)

Lea said...


Thanks Dottie, that is wonderful news!


Unknown said...

Hi Lea!

I know, it great that she decided to become a blogger!

Dottie :)

VampFanGirl said...

Thanks for the heads up Dottie!

Yay Cecile!!!!

:) VFG

Unknown said...


Yay Cecile!

So cool!

Dottie :)

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Dottie, your the best!!!
You guys are all the best!!! Thank you for everything!!!

*sniffing, getting emotional*
You guys are the a treat to have as friends!!! Thanks for everything!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy she finally has her own blog. I'm looking forward to her reviews!!

Unknown said...

Hi Cecile!!

You're very much welcome Cecile!

And you are the best as well, always providing positive feedback!! You have helped me grow and learn!

Now, if you need anything, I sure one of us can help-so don't hesitate to ask!


Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Barbara!

Isn't it so cool about Cecile's blog! I can hardly wait to hear what she has to say!

Dottie :)

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