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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Vampire Diaries.....Replay Friday Sept. 11, 2009 CST 7:00 pm

I don't know if anyone else checked out The Vampire Diaries last night, but I did and Guess What? I was pleasantly surprised! We've been led down the primrose path with promises of what is to come. I think maybe this show might fulfill some of our hopes. It could just be my love for vampires clouding my judgment and the lack of good programming (especially since we've lost both Moonlight and Blood Ties). I can say it's definitely YA entertainment, angst, young love (or really old love depending on your perspective, old vamp new love?), not sure what to call it. I enjoyed most of what I watched.

The show opened up with the return of Stefan to Mystic Falls, Virginia, he's been gone for centuries, but he's drawn back by the return of Katherine, his for all time love, known in this incarnation as Elena. But with his return, the ultimate bad boy brother returns as well. Damon hasn't sworn off of human blood and plans on having the delicacy as often as possible.

I'm not giving any other formation because to do so would provide spoilers to the show. I hope it works into a show worth watching. I'll be peeking into a few more episodes to see how the season shapes up. For more information, check out the CW.

On the relate side note about The Vampire Diaries, Diane at The Book Resort, is giving away two copies of the books!!!

The rules: you must be a Book Resort follower and open internationally, tweet or post for extra entry. Contest ends 9-30-09. Good Luck!!

Also, if you haven't check out Royal Reviews, the Princesses are having a vampire week! I know they're giving away one print and 5 ebooks of Diana Rubino's A Bloody Good Cruise (ends 9-13-09) and Molly Harper's Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men (enter as often as you like). Check it out!

I also stuck around for the premier of this season's Supernatural. It was pretty good start to the season I guess. I have a hard time coming up with this show, really liked it when it first arrived, and it may shape up to a good season. Sam and Dean are up to their necks in demons, Lucifer has escaped Hell and looking for a vessel. Dean may also be a vessel of the archangel Michael.

I also want to remind everyone that this Sunday is the final episode of season two of True Blood. Would anyone like to see a season wrap up? I'm think about doing one Sunday evening.

Here's a peek into the reason for The Vampire Diaries.

This is an overview of the first episodes and some teasers from the next few shows.

Don't Let Me Go by The Fray, the closing of the show.


Mandi said...

*cries* I forgot to dvr. I hope they replay it before next week. Glad to hear it was good!

Lea said...

Glad you enjoyed the show Dottie!!

Have a great weekend..


Unknown said...

Hi Mandi!

They're repeating it in our area Friday (tonight) on CW 7pm cst and Sunday (13th) on the CW 7pm.

Maybe in your area too.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Lea!

I did enjoy it, happy I remembered it!

Have a fantastic weekend sweetie!

Dottie :)

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Dottie, you can make a fan out of me for anything!!! LOL!!
I have not read the book nor watched the show... Yea, I know I live under a rock... never watch tv...
But I do enjoy reading what you have wrote about it all!
I hope you have a great weekend!
And the graphic finally came through... *tear to my eye* That is beautiful!

Ladytink_534 said...

I am curious about this one even though I haven't read the books (my library only has vol. 3) but I heard that the show wasn't good. I still will probably give it a shot soon.

Unknown said...

Hi Cecile!

I'm hoping the show shapes up to something like the books. It's definitely YA, probably be much more popular with pre-teens and teens than adults. But the CW is all about appealing to the younger audience.

Have a great weekend sweetie! (without has much excitement as last weekend I hope!)


Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi LadyTink!

If you looking for truly adult entertainment, this show is probably not for you. I think most of the people who watched were looking for a more adult version, but the books are YA with adult appeal. I enjoyed it, but I also enjoyed Kyle XY, Greek, and Glee. (I have teens, watch a lot of YA programming, lol.)

Hope you enjoy it if you get the chance.

Dottie :)

Blodeuedd said...

Will watch it today perhaps so will know more then :)

Unknown said...

Hi Blodeuedd!

I liked it, so I hope you do too. It's definitely YA, so be prepared for teenage angst.

I've heard lots saying it wasn't what they had hoped for, but the TV programming here sucks IMPO, so anything new and different desires a peek. The problem with Americans is that they get set in their way, and shows appear to go on well past their expiration date.

Dottie :)

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