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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Here in America, it is commonly believed that our first Thanksgiving took place in 1621, and a great gathering and feasting did occur, and lasted for three days.  But the feast was held because the pilgrims had survived the harsh winter and had a bountiful harvest, with the help of the local Native Americans.  Another was not held for many years.  When once again the settlers had something to be thankful for, it was their triumph over the local Native Americans, and then again many years later with the victory over England.  Though George Washington would try to bring about a national day of Thanksgiving, too many opposed the idea, one being Thomas Jefferson, they had forgotten the pilgrims's hardships.  It wouldn't be until President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed it has a national holiday in 1863, that the fourth Thursday in the month of November would come to be a great day of Thanksgiving we celebrate today.  President Franklin Roosevelt tried to change the date to the third Thursday, hoping to allow for a longer Christmas shopping season, but many opposed the commercialization of the day.  In 1941, Congress declared the fourth Thursday in the month of November as Thanksgiving.

A little bit of Charlie Brown....


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