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Thursday, November 11, 2010

NaNoWriMo Update

Well, yesterday was the one-third mark of the month of November, and you guessed it, one-third of NaNoWriMo writing time as disappeared.  Where the hell did it go????  LOL  I've been plugging away, with people trying to read over and shoulder, and an occasional, "You're not going to that are you?"  To which I sneer, "Yeah, I was.... DON'T MAKE FREAKING EDIT NOW!!"  LOLOLOL  But, the inner editor comes out anyway, and I do a quick re-read only to find out I killed off that character five pages ago....  It's just been one of the months.....

According to the NaNo stats, I'm a little behind on my word count, only about 700 words, but I haven't even open my document today, so add 1667 words to that to reach the desired goal, almost 2400 words needed today.  Probbbabbbly not going to happen, but I'll add a little to my word count, and it'll all come out in the end.

Now, recently, I've seen some negativity about NaNoWriMo, and let me assure all those out there saying how unprofessional NaNoWriMo is.... all the participants in NaNo are not seasoned authors, nor are we published, but the one thing we all know is that a NaNo manuscript WILL NOT be ready for publication on December 1st.  We're realists, and being realists, we know there's 11 long months ahead that we can play with, refine, edit, edit again, polish, send through the edit machine again, and then let someone else read, before we start the edit machine one more time....  Then after it passes several more inspections, and it polished down to a bright clear shine, if it's the author's desire to do so, they can submit their baby to various publishers.  Some online, some traditional, but it's the call of the author.  Not your's and not mine, so after all that's said, maybe we'll see a few of these NaNo MSs reach publication!!  All the participants in NaNoWriMo realize how hard writing is, we praise authors who are able to give us all those great stories, the long and the short.  But, I also have to say, it's very gratifying to complete NaNoWriMo, and maybe there's a good book in all those pages of hurriedly thrown together.  I can only hope.

I'll check in later.... but now it's time to open up my document, peek at the babble from yesterday (cringe) and see what I can add today... (it's a slow day here... I'm kinda in a funky... I've read a couple of books, even while NaNo-ing... maybe I need to write a review, no I need to do my flash fiction for tomorrow, nah, I need to wash laundry... well, as you can see, I'm delaying writing...  so much to do, so little ambition with which to do it, lol)

Signed:  From a sleep deprived (not depraved... not yet anyway...) mind in Illinois....

(I'm leaving you with this cute little schedule I found online during one of the periods procrastination research....  click the image to read those tiny little reminders)


Blodeuedd said...

Sigh! So behind once again, perhaps I will catch up tomorrow

Lea said...

*cheering* Dottie and team on!!

You go girl and be proud.. ;)


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