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Friday, November 19, 2010

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 14..... The Friday Post

Good Friday Morning

It's time for the Friday response to Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge!  I think I went kind of sweet this time, unusual for me, I know, but I've been writing a lot of tense dialogue lately, so kind of sweet it is....

Here's this week's prompt, it's a great image!

The Barbarian and The Princess
By Dottie Taylor
word count: 440

Zander fought long and hard, from campaign to campaign, and they say to the conqueror goes the spoils of war. Adrianna was the spoils, and soon he was damn well going to have her.

With the last bloody battle, he had strode from the field, capturing the looks of his men, he'd had enough, no more blood, no more tears. The fight for him was over.

He gathered his crew, climbed abroad his ship, and set a course for home and Adrianna. He closed his eyes and remember the softness of her lips, lost himself in the sensation of her kiss, and remember the way she'd kneed him, all because he hadn't request permission to touch those precious lips. He grinned, when he thought about it, he still ached, but it a good way.

Within several hours, they were orbiting the planet of Terra where on the surface Adrianna waited for him. She paced furiously at being demanded to attend his presence. Hadn't he learned the last time, she was no toy, to be fondled and caressed, then shoved aside when playtime was over.

She watched as Zander docked and departed his ship, watched with wary eyes as he held her gaze, then glanced away when he stood in front of her.

“Adrianna, Princess of Terra,” he dropped down to one knee, “may I have the pleasure and comfort of your lips.”

She looked down in disgust, the barbarian was back, but he'd learned manners. “Zander, barbarian of the Wastelands,” she extended her hand, and he kissed it before taking it, “stand and greet your Princess.”

Zander took that as an invitation, and captured her lips between his, sweeping his tongue along the sweet softness, a caress as much as a request to explore her mouth deeply. Sighing, she relaxed into his arms, and gave herself to the wanton sensations flowing through her body. His battle hardened hands stroked the silky softness of her satiny flesh until she felt herself giving away to need. To be loved by his man would be ecstasy. All she had to do was give in.

Zander laughed against her lips sensing capitulation. Sweeping her up in his arms, he strolled off to her bed chambers. He dropped her on the bed with a thud, “Goodnight sweet Princess.” He turned and left her there, breaths coming in ragged heaves, desires unfulfilled. The goddamn barbarian, she'd make him pay for his insolence.

She heard him laughing in the distance, and couldn't suppress her own smile as it graced her lips. Barbarian or not, one day she was damn well going to have him.

See, kind of sweet, at least no one die, was fed on, or shifted. (there was death in all the battles, but... not part of this story, lol)

Going back to bed now, woke up feeling worse than yesterday.... freaking cold/flu/virus... whatever it is! Leave me a link and I'll take a peek at your story too!

And come Monday for another....

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge!



Michelle Greathouse said...


I am sorry you are feeling icky. :) Hope it doesn't last long.

Your story was great. I'm glad one of us went off world with this picture. :)


Blodeuedd said...

Very nice story Dottie, and I do like that you wrote a sweeter one that I and Michelle did ;)

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