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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 57, The Friday Post (Okay, Early Saturday Morning Post)

Morning Ya'll! I didn't think I was going to write a flash this week, since the kids started back to school, my life has been wicked crazy! But, I was captivated by the image, and before I knew it, a flash had emerged, well, sort of... You'll see what I mean....

Fractured Fairytale
by: Dottie Taylor
word count: 500

“And has she was looking around, a white rabbit wearing a waistcoat and spectacles appeared.” Alice read aloud. “Oh dear, said the Rabbit, looking at his pocketwatch, I'm late for a very important date!” She continued, “and down the rabbithole he went.”

Alice set her book aside, and thought about the whole idea of a white rabbit, wearing a waistcoat with a pocketwatch, and talking no less! What an odd fairytale this was! She leaned back against the tree, her favorite spot to read, and rested her head. The sun began to warm her body, and gradually, her eyelids slipped closed, and she fell soundly asleep.

From a distance, a white rabbit sat, watching and waiting for the thing blocking his home to go away. As she slept, the rabbit crept closer, sniffing the strange being who blocked his way. He leapt upon her dress, tickling her face with long silky whiskers. He twitched his nose, and she lifted a hand, and brushed her face. He twitched again, and Alice opened her eyes to find the rabbit's pink ones staring straight into hers. She jumped up, knocking him to the ground.

“Watch it, you clumsy giant you! You'll squish me with all you're blundering around!” Shouted the rabbit. “You're in the way, get out of the way!”

Alice looked down at the rabbit, her story come to life. “What are you?” She whispered, taking a step back. “Where do you live?”

“What do I look like, you blithering idiot? I'm a rabbit, of course. Haven't you ever seen one before?” The rabbit took offense at her senseless questions. “I live here, fool.” He motioned toward the tree.

Alice dropped down on her knees, and there was a tiny opening in the tree. Just large enough for the rabbit to slip through. She pointed to the opening, “Here?”

The rabbit crossed his eyes, vexed by her stupidity. “Yes, dear, down the hole. You do know what a rabbit is? And that we live in burrows?” Alice nodded. “Fine then, you'll stay out of my way now.”

“Are you always so mean?” She asked, feelings hurt.

“Only when ridiculously large beasts try to step on me! Now, leave me alone, I need to get home.” And as Alice watched, he edged into the small hole, vanishing from sight.

She gathered her book, marking her page, and returned home. When she got there, she found the white rabbit waiting for her. “Well, aren't you going to ask me in for tea?”

“I don't think so, Mother will have a raging fit if she finds a wild animal in the house.”

“Who are you calling wild, giantico?”

“My name is Alice.” She giggled, “What's yours?”

“Jack, but you can call me Mister Rabbit.”

Alice had to feeling his was going to be interesting story, if anyone ever believed her.

And her dream continued....

See.... sort of a flash.... lol! Different for me anyway....

Have a great weekend!


Anachronist said...

A lovely flash, thanks Dottie!

Unknown said...

Hi Ana!

Thanks for the lovely image! (it really isn't a flash or it doesn't feel like a flash...more like a conversation, lol!)

Dottie :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, Alice. Nice bit. I like it.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh this was fun! I enjoyed it. :) And the rabbit named Jack. he he. So cute! :) I liked him. Thanks!

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