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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reviewette: Bite Anthology --- Biting in Plain Sight --- By Mary Janice Davidson

Publisher: Jove Publishing / Penguin Group Publishing
Pages: 59 -131

From the Cover: Feel the euphoria of fear in the shadow of a reluctant Queen of the Undead.

Betsy just can't get over the fact that she's a vampire. I mean the whole blood thing -- ewww! She's been pronounced the Queen -- Queen Betsy of the Vampires. Even if it does mean the perpetual hot Eric Sinclair is her consort and likes buying expensive shoes....

Sophie has lived in Embarrass, Minnesota on her houseboat for many years. She's known for her moonlight wandering and being the best damn vet in the county. And she doesn't even mind making late night house calls, that's always when you need a vet.

Liam Thompson has been watching Dr. Sophie since he was a boy. Everyone knew Dr. Sophie was a vampire, but no one said anything, not because they were afraid of her, but because they were afraid she'd leave. Liam looks for ill animals, he can always find a pregnant barn cat or two when he needs one, just so he can talk to Dr. Sophie.

When Dr. Sophie stops in to look in on his cats, she catches an odd news story. It would seem there as been as rash of young women committing suicide after their boyfriend calls it quits. It's odd because none of the girls appeared suicidal.

Sophie tells Liam that she must leave immediately. Liam asks if this has anything to do with vampire business. She's shock, how does Liam know her true identity? She asks, and he tells her everyone in town knows, but they don't want to scare her off. Sophie explains that it's vampire business, she has to go see the Queen in Minneapolis...and she's afraid of the Queen (Nostro had been a very cruel King, until Betsy did him in).

After enjoying a night together at the local Radisson, they locate the Queen, she and her consort along with various hanger-ons live in her best friend Jessica's mansion (a hanger-on). Liam and Sophie pop in to let them know they're in town (proper vampire procedure) and that there is something fishy going on. Upon hearing their news, Queen Betsy ready for stake.

Upon locating the dastardly villain and delivering the message "Dude. We. Don't. Want. You. To. Kill. Anyone. Else. Because. It's. Wrong." (p.123) He attacks Liam and then is promptly staked...through the heart...turning to dust...Now the happy couples can get back to what they were doing before...having a wild time.

As many of you know MJ Davidson is one of my favorite authors and the Queen Betsy Series is at the top of re-read stack. Whenever I need an instant pick me up, read MJ. She takes the supernatural and turns it on it's ear. And the beautiful shoes Betsy owns are beyond belief. So, if you need to laugh about life, love, or vampires, read Mary Janice Davidson and visit Mary Janice Davidson's Website for more information about all her great books. I've laughed til I've cried.


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