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Friday, July 17, 2009

Deadly Legacy by Robin Burcell

Publisher: Harper Collins (2003)
Pages: 304

From the Cover: San Francisco P.D. Homicide Inspector Kate Gillespie's investigation into a bizarre apparent murder/suicide is threatening to careen out of control. A dead man might not be dead. The families of the deceased are hiding something. And there are blood-soaked threads reaching into some very lofty places. But most perplexing of all are the shocking revelations of one of the "victims" dark and dangerous history -- the more Kate learns, the less she knows. It's a case that has placed Kate Gillespie on the hot seat as her investigation gets bigger by the moment -- and puts her perilously high on a rabid killer's hit list. Some secrets are murder to keep.

Kate Gillespie is one of San Francisco's finest, knows the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, decent and undeserving. So, when one of her best friends from childhood is found dead, apparently a victim of a murder-suicide, she has to reconsider her values. Eve Tremayne had been her best friend, until Eve had showed Kate the pictures of Kate's father in compromising positions better left unknown. Kate is shocked, what happened to Eve to turn her into someone she didn't know and didn't want to know, why would she be doing this....As Kate looked through the open window of the Mercedes into the face of one of her dearest friends, Eve's dead body not giving the answers Kate long for, reliving every horrible moment of the last conversation she's had with Eve, and when Kate gained the knowledge of her father's infidelity. It was the day Kate grew up.

But now, it's a different time, a different place. There is little doubt that Eve and her passenger are a murder-suicide, not with the ugly bruises on their bodies, as if someone held them down before killing them. With Eve's tawdry sex trade and the pictures that Kate knew were still out there, the search for the killer must begin. As Kate and her partner, Rocky, begin the search of Eve's questionable deeds, Kate comes across a photo album containing all Eve's conquests, including Kate's father. She knew she shouldn't, but the picture was too disturbing, embarrassing. Kate slipped it from it plastic casing and into her pocket. No one needs to know. Almost as soon as the deed is done, Kate knows it's wrong. She's corrupted the investigation into a homicide by trying to protect her family.

When Lt. Andrews finds out about Kate's indiscretion, she's pulled from the case, but the case won't leave her alone, literally. She's pulled back in time and time again. First, by a misidentification of Eve's passenger by his supposed wife, Daisy. Then by Mrs. Tremayne who makes her swear to find the killer. And just when she thinks she can let go, someone kidnaps Daisy's daughter six year old daughter, Bonnie. It just won't leave her alone, and it's a good thing, because someone is out to kill Kate to top off everything else. What can Kate do to find the answers before the killer succeeds? How can she trust? And will it mean her job?

Deadly Legacy by Robin Burcell was a fast paced whodunit that didn't stop until the last page. It has all the makings that all great stories have, corrupt politicians, dirty cops, sex pictures, videos, and sex on CD. It grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go. Our intrepid detective, Kate Gillespie, is up to her eyes in dirt and smut; and everyone is willing to kill to make a profit from the illicit activities found within the story. The involvement goes all the way to the FBI, but why shouldn't it. Politicians of all varieties were involved with Eve, which is a perfect name of this character, Eve who couldn't resist the forbidden temptation and all the money it bought with it. And Eve's little sex club is called 'The Garden of Eden'. As our heroine, Kate, makes more discoveries of the perversities that man will stoop to all in the name of pain, the story becomes more involved. Not only was Eve blackmailing people, but Eve's father may have been involved as well. Our hero is this tale is Kate's long time love interest, Mike Torrance, and why these two remain apart is beyond this reader's knowledge. The sexual tension is so great that it oozes out of the pages. Yes, they have a past and words hurtful words were said, but it's nothing that can't be undone if only Kate can get past herself. Mike is the strong, up standing type that knows what he wants, but doesn't quite know how to get it, not without stepping on Kate's toes and maybe scaring her off. He'd like nothing better than to ravish Kate, but is held back by Kate herself.

Deadly Legacy was a rockin' ride that any amusement park would be happy to have. It starts out slow and smooth, but soon it has you zipping around corners, upside down, and turned around. What you thought you knew isn't always exactly what it seems to be. It's a classic whodunit that keeps you begging for more. I can highly recommended this book for all fans of mystery, mayhem, and romance. I was definitely satisfied, and if I hadn't already read the next book, I'd be waiting with bated breath to see if Kate and Mike actually make it into bed. But, seeing how I know, you'll just have to check it out for yourself. To find out more information about Ms. Burcell's great books, please check out her website.


Michelle Greathouse said...


Great review!! I love the occasional whodunnit - it breaks up the paranormal routine. :) I have not read this author - but will put her on my list.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Blodeuedd said...

Hi Dottie,
Great review, and I hope you will have a good weekend.

This one doesn't speak to em for some reason, dunno why, but that does happen

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle!

I try to vary my reading, it seems odd to some, but I never lose my love of fantasy. I'm afraid with a steady diet, I would grow bored. Hence, my reading preferences. LOL.

Have a great weekend!! Have you been to see Harry Potter yet?

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Blodeuedd!

Can't be everyone's cup of tea. Robin Burcell is one of my favorite authors, so if I come across one of her books, it's almost impossible for me not to read. I guess it fulfills my need for variety.

Dottie :)

VampFanGirl said...

Absolutely stunning review Dottie. While this book isn't my cuppa, I can still appreciate your thoughts and it's obvious that you enjoyed this novel very much.

Thanks for the recommendation!

;) VFG

Unknown said...


Not everyone is a mystery reader. I like to change up what I'm reading, just the way I am. But fantasy is my forte and my love.

Dottie :)

Lea said...

Wonderful review Dottie!!

This sounds like an excellent murder mystery. I've never read "Robin Burcell", however he heroine sounds awesome.


Unknown said...

Hi Lea!

She writes a great murder mystery, I love the whodunits!

So, if you ever want a change up on your reading, give Robin a try, it's fun!

Dottie :)

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Hey Dottie!
What a wonderful review!! I love the part about the amusment ride part!!! LOL!!
A whodunnit book... humm!!! Interesting! And to see if the characters make it to bed in the next book, you know how to keep us on your Hussy toes, don't you!! =)
I hope you had a wonderful weekend! And have a great Monday!

Unknown said...

Hi Cecile!

I love a good whodunit, nothing like a good mystery.

Dottie :)

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