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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fairy Hunters, Ink by Sheila Dane

Publisher: LuLu
Pages: 105

[A Book Of Fairies For Children And (Not So) Grown Ups]

Fairy Hunters, Ink by Sheila Dane is about the adventures of Ashley, Big Rabbit, Turtle and our narrator who occupies quite a bit of the ever precocious Ashley's time. The narrator at one time calls herself an almost Sorceress, but that may have to do with her ability to keep Ashley entertained. In this lovely book, we meet many fairies of all persuasions, as well as a gremlin or two. You see, Fairy Hunters are just what the name intends, finders of fairies. Ashley and her cohorts seem to find them everywhere, but you have to look very hard and sometimes a very long time to discovers the wonders of fairydom. In this wistful fantasy book, we meet many types of fairies who all are very particular and can be very mischievous. A few of the fairies we meet are:

Button Fairies - who like to sneak loose buttons
Basket Fairies - who live in baskets and are very shy
Pocket Fairies - who live in pocket and can look quite a mess with pocket fuzz
Teacup Fairies - who don't actually live in teacups, fear of being swallowed
Blue Bottle Fairies - who mostly just like to look at their reflections
Soup Ladle Fairies - who love to slide around in ladles
Chimney Fairies - who live in and look like soot
Fire Fairies - who play Dodge ball with fire balls, and they want to be hit
Attic Fairies - who may be mistaken for dust bunnies

There are more fairies to be found between the pages and a couple of gremlins too who like nothing better than to change your plans for the day. Sneaky little buggers that can make you think that it's all your idea and all the while whispering in your ear.

Fairy Hunters, Ink by Sheila Dane is a large book filled with wonderful illustrations of fairy imaginings. It reminds the reader of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland as well as other fairy tales found in children's literature. It would be a perfect way to spend time with young children, beautifully colorful pictures to keep their attention that flows together nicely with whimsical tales of fairies, a rather large rabbit who enjoys a good carrot, and turtle who happens to be very slow, but very kind. Imagine portraying these sweet characters for those too young to read, awaking their imaginations to the world of fantasy. What a great way to spend the lazy days of summer when it's too hot to head outside or a blizzardity winter afternoon. This book could very well fall into the category of YA fantasy as well.

Here's a peek at some of the beautiful artwork found within the book:

(Attic Fairies)

(Blue Bottle Fairies)

For more information, please see Ms. Dane's website.

I received this book as a request for review, my review can also be found on Amazon where it can also be purchased.


Leontine said...

Wow, Dottie, such beautiful artwork from this artist. As a creative person who can dabble a bit but not at this level always loves to lurk and take in others creativity! Thanks for the review and rec!

Unknown said...

Hi Leontine!

It is a beautifully illustrated work, full of fairy drawings.

This could be an excellent softcover book for the new godchild that's coming. We have to start them somewhere, before we can let her peek into the romance novels, I mean.

Dottie :)

Blodeuedd said...

Aww those look so cute, and I love the different fairies.

Unknown said...

Hi Blodeuedd!

They are such beautiful fairy drawings, I fell in love the pictures!

Dottie :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


You know how I love the fay! Loved this blog! It sounds like the book would be a great research book as well!


Unknown said...

Hi Hawk!

When I saw the cover art, I decided to go ahead and review. It was too cute, like Alice in Wonderland.

Dottie :)

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