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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guest Post: Moonlight Bleu by Renee Rearden + Ebook Giveaway

Today on Tink's Place, I'm happy to welcome a new author to the published world, Renee Rearden. She's prepared a special post for all my readers as well as offering an ebook copy of her new book, Moonlight Bleu, to one lucky commenter.

Please welcome Ms. Rearden to Tink's Place!

Hi Dottie!  Thanks for having me!  

For the readers today, I hope to start a discussion about love.

What would you endure in the name of love?

Don’t scoff. You know what I’m talking about.

Those moments we tell ourselves, “Relationships are give and take. Right now I’m giving…not giving in.” Some of us excuse that long-distance connection that just isn’t working with, “We’ll get along much better once we spend more time together.” But the coup de grâce is emotional baggage.  

“Why bother putting myself out there? I’ll just get hurt.”

We endure every painful moment because we, the romantic at heart, persevere in our search for everlasting love.

Now imagine you’re like Saari Mitchell, who is truly immortal. She will never die. Change drives the world ever forward, dragging her along for the ride—but she stays the same. Merely following, trying to keep up.

Through this change she has discovered the vast cultural populations and cities that cover the globe as traveling internationally became common place. Injuries and minor illnesses that once decimated the human population are no longer a threat due to amazing medical advancements. And technology? Holy smokes. There’s never a dark room in her house thanks to electricity, and email is so much more efficient than writing with a quill on parchment paper.

But after living for half a century, love has become too painful to contemplate.

Hasn’t it?

Saari’s still dealing with her soul-wrenching sadness at being separated from her chosen mate. Loving someone and losing them hurts…almost as much as being alone. Forever. Doesn’t it? Is being alone better than the fear of sharing your innermost self and being rejected?

Absolutely not.

Just ask every other romantic out there!

Excerpt from "Moonlight Bleu"


Late Afternoon, Thursday, May 22, 2032–New Angeles

        Everything changes, whether you want it to or not. The world changes. People change. Relationships change. Change lurks below the surface, waiting for you to be at your weakest. And the moment you least expect it, change destroys everything you’ve ever known.
        After five hundred years, Saari Mitchell knew that better than anybody.
        “Okay, boys and girls. Caller nine gets a shot at two back-stage passes to the ‘Rock The Earth’ concert,” the disk jockey chirped.
        Saari snorted and turned off the stereo. “No thanks. Was way too up close and personal during the original one, buddy.”
       All Saari had to do was glance out her window at the ocean lapping at the Nevada coastline to remember the last time the earth was rocked. The massive quake that liquefied most of the United States’ western coastline hit on June 18, 2012—not exactly what the Mayan “end of the world” hoopla had predicted, but catastrophic all the same. With California underwater, Nevada’s population exploded as New Angeles, with its resurrected Hollywood, became the place to live.
       This year marked the twentieth anniversary of The Great Quake.
       Saari propped her elbow on the open window and grabbed a handful of her windswept hair. And she’d be another year older tomorrow. No big deal, really—not when she’d been born May 23, 1499. That she’d been cursed with immortality on her birthday in 1522 was the real kicker.
The lyrics to “Love Potion Number 9” played in her ear. Powering the windows of her Ford Explorer shut, she tapped her ear bud and answered her cell. “You better not be calling to cancel on dinner tonight.”
       Nisa’s laughter bubbled through the phone. “You’re kidding, right? Tonight’s the night of the year. I wouldn’t bail on you.”
       Saari smiled, despite her present mood. Only a handful of close friends knew she was immortal, and none of them were human in the strictest sense of the word. Some were vampires, a few were werewolves, and then there was the odd collection of those in between human and preternatural, like her.
       Nisa fell into the last category. The two women shared a special bond—they were both immortal, though for different reasons and under very different circumstances. Saari had been cursed. Nisa was a cupid.
       By some cosmic quirk, when Nisa died, her soul didn’t move on. Instead, she was drafted. Now she spent her time matchmaking for the preternatural. Who’d have thought the afterlife was a crapshoot for employment recruitment and assignment?
        “You had The Dream again last night, didn’t you?”

Renee Rearden
Paranormal Romance for the Psychic at Heart
MOONLIGHT BLEU-Crescent Moon Press September 2010

Sounds interesting, doesn't it?  If you'd like to read more of Moonlight Bleu by Renee Rearden, please leave a comment, one lucky commenter will win an ebook copy of her new book!  If you have an email address, you are eligible to win, open worldwide!  No need to be a follower, but followers receive an extra entry, if you spread the word, let me know = extra entry, contest is open until Monday midnight October 11, 2010, announced October 12, 2010.


Blodeuedd said...

No need to enter me, me and e-books.

The name made me giggle a little, Saari is island in Finnish :)

Lea said...

Hi Dottie and Renee:

Nice post and excerpt from Moonlight Bleu. Great you were able to stop by and visit at Dottie's Renee. Moonlight Bleu is an intriguing story with a mighty scary antagonist and lots of preternatural ghoolies!!

Thanks for sharing!

Dottie, as you know I've already read Renee's story but wanted to stop by!!

Thanks for hosting.


Lucy Beugeling-Ramos said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
Please enter me.

Unknown said...

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