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Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday John Lennon

I have this thing for music, my whole family does.  My dad sang cowboy ballads to me as a little girl (when he still had a little bit of hair), my mom used to embarrass the hell out of me dancing to Elvis, all my sisters and I loved to dance, my brother was Nugent fan before his TV show.  LOL  My hubs has the most eclectic taste in music I've ever seen, my kids each have varied tastes from Japanese rock to pop to new wave... we have guitar players and a drummer (damn, we could start our own band....).  

One of the first bands I ever remember is the Beatles, my aunt would put on her 45's, I was all of two or three years old (she also played beauty shop, I was the customer... on more than one occasion, I went home with bangs so short they looked like  She'd hold a hairbrush, dancing and singing, I'd giggle and clap.  One day, she packed up her bell bottom jeans, flashed a peace sign and was gone, an original flower child.  I still remember it like yesterday... everytime I hear "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", I think of Debbie...

I remember the day John Lennon was killed, I remembered crying, I remember not understanding...  I lost a bit of my innocence on that day, a little bit of my childhood slipped away.  Why would someone who loved peace as much as John Lennon attracted a fan hellbent on killing him?  I guess I'll never understand some of the things that happen in this world, maybe I'm not supposed to.   He didn't lead a perfect life, drugs were a recreation, he'd just released a new album after years of nothing.  I'm not romanticizing his existence, but I did enjoy his music (well, maybe not that stuff he did with Yoko, but the rest is pretty good...).

John Lennon would be seventy years old today, if he was alive.  It sad that we'll miss everything he had left to share, but he left us plenty to enjoy.  Happy Birthday, John....


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