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Friday, October 29, 2010

Monday Morning (Evening) Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 11..... The Friday Post

This has been the longest day ever!!!  My internet went down this morning and I was told it 'might' be down for around four hours... FOUR HOURS... I thought, well after three I got anxious, after five, I got pissed...  And now, I'm just happy it's working again!!!!  Do you know how long the day is when you don't have any internet???  And all the kids had the day off school, and the hubs had the day off.... Did I say it was the longest day ever???

LOL, anyway, I have my flash ready and I'll post... although it's almost tomorrow...  Here's the imagine our blogger buddy Michelle located and it's awesome!

by Dottie Taylor
word count:  375

All Hallow's Eve was fast approaching, the night where all magic roamed free, where the spirits brooked the night's fabric. Arabella longed to try her first real night of gloaming with the magic riding high, a wild feeling rose. She picked up her rowen stick and let herself be drawn to the short row of books. The stick drifted over the books, coming to rest on one, then another. She leafed through the first book... maybe... Grabbing the second book, the stick was once again jumped and the pages fell open.

“Oh, it's perfect!” Breathed Arabella as she felt the magic burning for escape.

“To this time and this place,
I bring to life a magic trace.”
“Like minds, like hearts, to thee I say,
I bring you to my life for this day.”

As the tiny stick of rowan swirled and twined, a figure arose out of the mists.

“Arabella......” a deep voice called, one she knew well.  Her body sang as she whirled around, her short skirt bouncing around her thighs.

“Henri!” Arabella squealed, she couldn't believe her eyes. She'd never performed a traveling spell before, and this one worked with surprising results, though she wasn't complaining.

Henri stood naked and dripping on her bedroom floor, providing a treat all on it's own.

“You naughty girl, you called me from my bath.” Henri chuckled as his hands sought Arabella's waist, jerking her back to his hardening body.

Arabella smiled up into his eyes, she'd say sorry, but she really wasn't.

Henri lifted her body and soul, and deposited her on the bed.

“Do you want a trick or a treat?” He playfully threatened.

“Oh, definitely a treat, I think...” She tried for demure, but the heat in Henri's eyes said different, as did the costume she'd chosen for the night.

“God, I've missed you.” Henri hungrily fell to the bed gathering her close, her body almost blossoming out of the garb.

If she could, she'd wish him to stay forever, but this was the night of gloaming, and with the dawn, he would once again be gone, back to the land of light, far away from the one of night.

Well, late is better than never.... I'll be by to read the others as soon as I get through my stacks of emails... do you think 50 emails are too many for a single day?  I never noticed before, but now I believe that's waaaaaay too many, lol.

Since NaNoWriMo starts Monday, we'll have to see if everyone wants to keep trying to do MMFFC... it may have to go on hiatus for a while....

Gee, it's great to be online again!!



Blodeuedd said...

Nice story Dottie ;)

Hm, a Nano break, could be good if we don't manage

Amy C said...

I loved that one, Dottie! Had a nice funess to it, if only they could always be together...sigh...:)

Good luck with NaNo! You're going do awesome!

Michelle Greathouse said...

They can only be together one night a year? I hope that changes as she gets stronger in her magic. :)

I hate it when my internet is down - I am on this computer way to much and go in to withdrawals if I can't get my fix. LOL


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