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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sassy Sunday Story Starter.... from Sassy Brit 'Alternative-Read'

Today's Sunday Story Started was slightly different, here's the scope from Sassy's own blog:

This week is slightly different, and I hope you will enjoy playing along with this. It's a "What if...?" writing prompt. As usual where you go with this is totally up to you. 

For anyone wanting to try their hand at flash fiction - how about a 450 word limit this week? (*Evil laugh*) Or, maybe you'll use this to write a whole novel. The choice, as they (who?) say, is yours.

What if... your young aunt died mysteriously over a cliff and she left you her estate currently occupied with two randy Irish...ghosts?

Klarin's Manor
by Dottie Taylor
word count:  450

Sherri wiped a flood of tears away, Aunt Rachel, gone; her death, a mystery. It sounded like she had just stepped to her death, falling from the cliff face. Why? Rachel had begged her to visit, she would have, should have. Maybe Rachel would still been alive if....  Sherri shook her head, she couldn't go there....

Now, she finds Rachel has left her Klarin's Manor. God, what was she going to do? Ireland...


At first, she wondered how Rachel could have left Klarin's Manor, six months later, Sherri was beginning to understand....


Sherri loved the Manor, she was born for it's richness.  Ireland, itself, was a treat for the senses. The crystalline ocean greeted her eyes, rolling green plains, craggy rock outcroppings, a sky that could change from cerulean blue to steely gray as if with emotions. But, her dreams since arriving were beyond anything she'd ever experienced.

For weeks, she didn't understand, then Liam started calling her. She wandered through the mist to find a meadow. Among the scented flowers sat Liam in the first glow of morning sun. It was as if she'd known him her whole life. How this was possible?

She cried out when she saw him, falling into his arms. “Liam?” She grinned, bringing her lips to his. He was tantalizing, broad shouldered, dark wavy hair, rough calloused hands. It was insanity, but she remembered him, knew his body as well as he knew hers.

“Aye, lass, tis me.” He grinned back at her.

She caressed his face as his lips devoured hers. He groaned, his tongue swept aside any lingering doubts. Her own groan fed the flames. His hands roved over her heated flesh to find her nipples, rolling them gently until the hardened rosettes begged for his lips. He laid her back into the grass, pushing her thighs wide, resting between them.

“I've missed you, lass, I've waited so long.” Liam's rough brogue filled her ears, his tongue tickled her pulse, and she knew, Liam was from a past long forgotten..... “Ian, come say hallo to her bonny self.”

“Lass,” Ian whispered close to her ear, “sweet God, you've come.” He watched her with hungry eyes, a blossoming need. She remembered Ian too, copper colored hair, big easy smile, hands that sought her softness. She didn't know how this was possible, but she wanted it, needed it.

Each night was filled with sensual arousal. She was addicted, began living for the nights, the promises held in Liam's and Ian's lips. She no longer recognized herself, her wild abandonment. She awoke to mornings craving what could only be found with night, Liam, Ian, and the past.

Well, not so sure I like the 'what if' story premise.... It was hard to write to, hard to use someone else's foundation, I have to say, it was a struggle for me.  And I'm still not sure if I'm happy with the flash, lol.... but I couldn't let it go!  I was changing it until I hit the button that says "Publish Post"!  I wasn't sure about the 'randy ghosts' either, lol, you all know how well I write naughty, and I do believe Ms. Sassy was challenging me... LOL  But, it's all good fun and great practice for next month when NaNoWriMo gets under way!  I'm thinking about using Vlad Tepes.....  Vampires.....  yum.....


Sassy Brit @ said...

WOW! I honestly thought this was spectacularly written and you did a very very good job, Dottie! So pleased you pressed that publish button.

Sorry to put you through your paces, but it does go to show what a very good writer you are and that you CAN do it!

Publishers love writers who can come up with stories fast, when needed, because they are very reliable. So, it's good practice. :)

It was a very hard prompt. There is a whole story in that 'What if...?' premise.

Well done you!

Off to tweet all about this.


Irish Gypsy said...

I honored that you took a chance on the flash fiction based on, The Seduction of Simone! First...thank you for your steamy and very interesting take on the words that were given. As an American, I tricked you a little. The ghosts were transplants from Ireland to Northern California and the brothers are very frisky...just as you imagined. So thank you for joining in the fun!

Unknown said...

Hi Sassy!

It was a hard prompt, working from someone else's idea always is, a picture or a line prompt might encourage your imagination, but to build on someone else's thought... It was harder than I thought it was going to be. And it did put me through my paces, lol, but I did manage to finish. I thought I might have to give it up, but I'm kind of tenacious, you know, like a bull dog, lol! Had to at least try to finish it!

And you're right about good practice, NaNoWriMo is right around the corner, starting to get anxious to start!

Thanks for the Sunday Story Starter, they've been fun!


Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Chérie!

It was fun, entering your world of randy Irish ghosts! I'm from central Illinois, and I've never been to Ireland, but it's a dream of mine to go one day. I can always imagine the lushness of the country though! LOL A girl can dream....

I have to say, it was a hard prompt, but I'm glad I finished it. It would have kept after me until if I hadn't, lol!

Thanks for offering the prompt!

Dottie :)

Sassy Brit @ said...

You are welcome! Good to keep you on your toes though :)

Hi Cherie ! Thanks again.

Darts off quickly...

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