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Friday, October 1, 2010

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 7...... The Friday Post

Okay, I'm soooo behind this morning!!  I didn't have the flash finished, I had to spend all day yesterday with my daughter at the doctors and then catering to her every need, as she laid on the couch, foot propped up, purple and swollen, but at least not broken.... and guess what?  It's homecoming this weekend, and she can barley walk, let alone march and tumble in the homecoming parade, or dance tomorrow night.  Her dress is gorgeous, but the shoes (which are freaking awesome) will be a no-go, her foot won't even fit in them, let alone walk in the heels.  Sigh.... and this is her senior year, her last homecoming.....  And this morning, my son and I had to go get all nineteen homecoming mums and deliver them for her.  This is the first time this morning I've sat down, and my own foot looks like the Stay Puff Marshmallow man's.....   My mouth hurts, I chipped a tooth, and the dentist can't see me for two FREAKING weeks!!  This just isn't my day!!  LOL!!

Oh well, enough of my whining.....

It's time for the Friday Post for Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge!!  To remind everyone, Michelle supplied this gorgeous image...

It's beautiful, I love this one!!

Unfortunately, I've had almost no time to write to his image, so you're going to get what I've come up with this morning, and it's more than a little dark (probably reflecting my mood....LOL)!  So, here's my take....

The Darkness Within
by Dottie Taylor
word count:  350

The wind howled, the sea roared, reflecting the tumultuous emotions coursing through Mina's thin body. She'd awoken on this night to find Henri at the brink of the true death, silver entwining his body, burns glistened in the candle light. She'd singed her own skin trying to free him.

“Henri,” she'd whispered as she placed her cool lips against his, her tears blending with his blood, “who has brought you so close to death?”

Henri had breathed back, so low she almost missed it. “Twas Michael, with his band of mortals.”

“Sleep, my love, heal.” She'd torn her flesh, pressing it shakily to his pale lips, begging him to feed. Michael had long sought Mina, zealous in his need to possess her. Now his madness had gone too far.

Mina rushed to the balcony, hair whipping in the black of night as she called her creatures. The bats and wolves came willing with the flapping of the leathery wings and the distant cries from one to another of the furry beasts. She smiled, her emissaries would leave little of the mortals, but Michael was hers.

Closing her eyes, she pushed out her thoughts, drawing on Michael's, finding him surprisingly close at hand, no doubt thinking he would sweep in, claim her and her heritage. Damnation would be his prize on such a fitting night, All Hallow's Eve.

She watched the sea quake, the lightning strike, the thunder rumble, and gathered the building strength, holding it tightly within her body. Her eyes glowing with power so great, her tiny form quivered.

“Michael,” she called, an irresistible force he was unable to deny.

“Ah, there you are,” Mina stroked her fingers in a soft caress along his finely boned cheek.

“Mina, we can rule the Earth and the Heavens, no one can stand against us.” His eyes held a feverish light, lunacy and desire mingled within their depths.

“Poor Michael,” she patted his cheek, freeing the power as flames erupted from her fingertips. “May you burn a thousand deaths.” And she forced the Angel into hell.

So, like I said, the teeniest bit dark....  But, the dark is my friend....

If you've chosen to play along, leave me a link, and I'll add to my post!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend... and remember to join on Monday for another....

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge!!

See you soon!



Michelle Greathouse said...


I am so sorry about your daughters injury. Bless her heart, she must be so disappointed.

Your story is awesome though. :) You seem to work well under pressure.

I hope things settle down for you - and I also hope your tooth is okay for two weeks.


Amy C said...

Oh no, Dottie, for both you and your daughter...her foot and your tooth. I hope she has a speedy recovery, and you can make it through the next two weeks pain free.

You're right, your flash is another dark one! I liked that you added that she could call to the bats and wolves!

Another wonderful flash!

Sadly, I had no time this week. I hope this doesn't fall into a pattern for me. I hate that I missed this one.

Blodeuedd said...

Oh I must be wicked, I laughed at the end when she made him burn. Loved it.

And sorry to hear about her foot :( That have to suck since it's her senior year.

Mine :)

Amy C said...

As I stated in my blog title, Failure is not an option! I sat down and wrote one up just now. Turned out to be longer than any I've done so far!

And it has vampires!! :P

Cherry said...

Sorry about your feet! Yours and your daughter's... hope everything heals quickly!

I haven't an artistic bone in my body... but I sure do enjoy your beautiful work! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle!

Injury or not, Kirsten had a great time, we've been busy, busy, busy!! Patrick went to homecoming to, though he went solo... can you believe he turned down a date???? What's wrong with these boys? LOL

I really enjoyed your flash, for some reason, I found it hard this week, it was a last minute thing for me. Almost didn't make it!

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Amy!

Glad you reconsidered and found time for the flash, for someone who doesn't do vampires, you did your's extremely well!!

One of these days, I'm going to have to try sweet and uplifting, lol, the dark is so sweet, but who knows, maybe I can love the light too!


Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi B!

Glad it gave you a tickle, lol! I loved your flash! I'm having fun with these little flashes we've been doing, and it's all going to help with next month when we started NaNoWriMo! Yay!


Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Cherry!

Thanks, I've had fun with these little piece of flash! A few made me want to tell the rest of the story.

I encourage you to try one of these out, you'd be surprised to see what you can do!


Dottie :)

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