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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Samhain!!

I have a confession to make.... ever since I read Stephen King's book, It, I've had this irrational fear of clowns... Clowns creep me out!!  Smiley faced one, ones with frown faces, and especially ones with tears dripped down to their chins.....  Nothing frightens me more, I'd rather face down a mouse than a clown toting fake flowers.....  which leads me to......

Ode to Stephen King
by Dottie Taylor

If only I hadn't seen him there
in the shadow,
If only I hadn't felt his stare
in the lamplight's glow.

Or felt his lingering gaze
as my thoughts turned to haze.
My nightmare come to life,
as fear raged, causing strife.

His white face laughed,
His red nose ripped and halved,
His crimson mouth glimmered,
his lips, how they shimmered.

I hated my fright
on this All Hallow's night.
My face burned with shame,
I no longer wanted to play this game.

I turned off the light and locked my door,
No more candy or Halloween lore.
The clown face laughed with glee,
as I turned to flee.

Then it occurred to me,
why fear a story?
I smiled in the cold's bite
in this wonderfully awful night.

Now, I understand and leer,
and no longer with any fear,
I hope you've had a great night
and suffered little fright.

Next year will be better, no clowns to fear here,
I have a new terror.
I just watched Cujo,
and let's just say, I won't be riding around in any faulty Pinto's....

Have a wonderfully frighting night, and remember vampires don't really bite....
or do they?  You might want to cover up tight on this Samhain's night....



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