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Friday, November 5, 2010

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 12..... The Friday Post

I wasn't sure if I was going to have time to flash this week, but apparently, I was wrong!  I took a look at the picture, and I knew what I wanted to write.... I hope this image spoke to everyone else the way it spoke to me...  And it was a pleasant break from my NaNo writing, which is going okay... I ran into a little stump, but I got around it.  Today is the fifth day of NaNo, and according to their stats... that means the writer should reach about 8400 words by the end of the day.... (hope I make it, currently sitting at about 7100 words....).  But, for all of you new NaNo-ers out there, don't worry if you haven't been able to keep up!  Not a problem, during the weekdays, it's really hard to keep it all together, but on the weekends, you'll have a little more time to give to writing.  I find my most productive time in late, late at night... the house settles down and I can hear soft snores coming from the bedrooms, the sounds of sleep (wish I was there sometimes), kind of lulls you into a false sense of security.... lol, it's so peaceful.

So, here my response to this lovely image sent to us by Blodeuedd.

It's truly beautiful and I love it!

The Impostor and The Dragon
by Dottie Taylor
word count:  475

Kimi ran through the falling snow, her breaths coming out hard and fast in short white puffs, her sides stitching with her frozen fingers held fast against her abdomen. Soon the blood would stop flowing, the wound knitting itself already causing a glowing burn to heat her small body.

She didn't know who exposed her, and now it wasn't important, she needed to find her brother, to find a place to hide, to finish healing.

The dragon genome was strong in her family and if she could reach her brother, maybe there was still a chance.

She raced even faster, her legs scissoring through the cold snow as she called to her inner dragon. She again tried to come contact with Chu, but she couldn't reach his mind, couldn't sense his presence. It could mean a lot of things, it didn't have to mean he was dead, please God, don't let him be dead.

As she burst through the trees, she drew her Dragon's Bane, the Katana blessed with great magic. She began calling, “Chu, answer me!”

And as she raced to the edge of the frozen river, she saw something, a dark form bobbing, please God, please she thought, bracing herself for the worse.

But when she reached the river's edge, she heard her brother calling back, “Kimi, here! Don't get near the ice, I don't think he dead yet!”

She glanced down, and her heart fell. As she looked down, she found her brother, bobbing in and out of the water, as his dragon hovering, hissing violently. She reached for Chu, only to pull back a blood soaked hand that not even the fresh snow could wash clean, frozen tears fell from her eyes. There was only one thing to do as she opened her arms and welcomed his dragon home.

Then she heard the laughter, the impostor. She rounded holding her sword at her side.

“Come, now, coward. Show yourself, you can't be afraid of a little girl?” Kimi jeered.

“Girl? How bout your soul, the one now holding two dragon warriors?” The impostor called back, still with laughter in his voice.

“Bastard, you'll pay for his death!” Kimi had taken all of taunting she could stand, and she called forth the dragons, directing them toward the disembodied voice. They shimmered into a mist, and silently drifted toward the body that housed the voice and hovered over the spot where he hid.

Kimi waited for the dragons to re-enter her body before she flung her arm back and set sail to the sword that swooshed through the air and coming to rest upon the heart of it's mark.

A crimson puddle pooled in the snow, the impostor was dead before his scream could leave his icy lips.

Well.... I went waaaaay over the word count, but when I started, I didn't want to shorten the story, so for today, you get the long version... there are always ways to shorten them, but maybe it's NaNo writing, I wanted to let the whole thing out, lol.

Thanks for playing along (if you were able to.... very busy week!!)

Let me know how everyone feels about keeping the flashes going....



Blodeuedd said...

very long! I didn't even reach 350 but then I have been trying to make up for not being on Nano for 2 days

great story, I am glad this one inspired you :D

Michelle Greathouse said...


You went in a different direction than I did. :) I like your story a lot - dragon magic/protector/warrior.

Very nice. :)


Erotic Horizon said...

Me Like...

Love the direction you went with this one...


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