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Friday, November 26, 2010

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 15..... The Friday Post

Good Morning Blog Buddies!

Today is Friday, so if you're playing along, it's time to post your response to the 15th picture prompt, and it was a wonderful prompt!

The Legend of Faery
By Dottie Taylor
Word Count: 760

The forest had always been home, Isabo knew it like the back of her hand.  She wandered through her home on this day, crawling through the forest floor. She was looking for someone. Someone so small he could fit in her palm, if he wanted to.

“Pan, where are you?” She whispered, he'd disappeared two nights ago, and all over a tiny disagreement, but when his sensibilities were in question, he was very obstinate. “Come out, come out wherever you are! Please Pan, I'm sorry, please forgive me.” She let her voice break just a little, he couldn't resist her tears.

She knelt down next his favorite tree, and as she peered into the tiny opening, a burst of light greeted her eyes, the flutter of wings zoomed passed her head. “Pan, there you are! I've missed you.”

The little ball of light balanced on her thumb. “You should be,” squeaked the tinny voice, “how could you even think such a thing?” The light quivered as he stepped away, a few moments later, the tinny voice and the tiny light were gone. In it's place stood a man dressed in vivid browns and greens, orange and red, fall and summer mixed together.

“Pan,” Isabo breathed, throwing her arms around his neck, kissing his warm red lips, “let's not fight, I'm sorry, I was only trying find a way to keep in our hearts forever.” Tears leaked from her cerulean eyes. “I love you.”

Pan's baritone filled the forest. “Isabo, my love, my life,” he took her full ruby lips which she offered generously, “I'd rather die than live without you, but I won't have you sacrifice yourself, not for me or anyone else.”

“The deal as already been struck, it cannot be unmade.” She whispered, afraid he would leave her once again. “I fulfill the bargain tonight.”

Pan's face reddened, he cursed his existence, cursed the devil who made the deal, sealing her fate to his. Tears formed in his eyes as he shook his head. “What am I going to do with you?”

“You are going to love me forever,” she said slipping her dress from her shoulders, “right here, right now.”

Pan breathed out a pent up sigh, her beauty would never cease to amaze him....


Later that evening at the great gathering, Pan and Isabo wandered into the clearing.

“Where's the woman who is willing to offer herself.” The King of the Faeries called.

Isabo took a step forward, “It is I sire.”

“Do you give yourself freely?” The King flutter to stand on her shoulder.

Isabo brought Pan's hand to her lips, brushed it with a soft kiss. “Most willingly sire.”

For the next week, Isabo slept, so deeply none could have woken her, as her body gave itself, as it pulled in to itself, as her old life fell easily away. No one would remember her, no one would miss her. It was all part of the deal.

Pan waited anxiously, pacing back and forth on the day of awakening. Would she know him? Sometimes when the sacrifice took place, not only the body changed. He hoped with all of his heart her love would hold her true.

When Isabo woke, she was covered in crystalline matter, finely spun, silky and diaphanous. She rose and looked at her new body in a drop of fresh morning dew. Blossoming from her back were tiny gossamer wings, fine as spider silk. She was supposed to do something, meet someone, if she could only remember who.

She could see someone standing outside her door, it was a man, and she knew him or at least she thought she did. As she step toward him, he raised his bright green eyes, and she smiled, it was her Pan!

Rushing to him, she flung her arms around his neck and he grinned back, kissing her deeply as he groaned. “Isabo, it is you! I'd hope you would remember me, that you still loved me.”

“How could I not, my love?”

The legend says that once every one hundred years a mortal must give themselves willingly to Faery or their existence would fade from mankind's memory forever. Soon it will be time once again, but mankind has already forgotten more than it remembers, and Faery is already starting to fade, it's time may come to an end. Man no longer cares, and Faery can no longer wait.

This was such a beautiful image, I had to go over the 350 by twice, lol!

If you're playing along, leave me a link, and I'll peek at your story!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!

Come back next week for another edition of .....

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge!!



Michelle Greathouse said...


I think this is your best one yet. :) It is so vivid.

Well done!!


Blodeuedd said...

How sad :( Ok it was happy, but the end where fairy is disappearing :(
Good one Dottie!

I finally did mine

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