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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Keepers by Heather Graham

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocture
Pages:  288

From the Cover:

At the core of New Orleans lie the otherworldly vampires and shape-shifters that hide in plain sight among mankind. As one of the Keepers, an elite group possessing superior skill and strength, Fiona MacDonald's duty is to maintain peace in a place where one vampire's bite could ignite war. When Detective Jagger DeFarge, a vampire, is called in at the discovery of a body drained of blood, both the detective and Fiona must join uneasy forces.

Jagger will stop at nothing to find the murderer - including working with the sensual and suspicious Fiona. As more die, it becomes clear that this isn't the work of an ordinary vampire. No one is safe. So when the killer's attention turns to Fiona, will Jagger risk destroying his own species to protect the woman he so passionately desires?

The Keepers: Three extraordinary sisters, balancing the duties of their birthrights and the yearnings of their hearts.

Fiona, Caitlin, and Shauna MacDonald, three sister, and three Keepers of the Underworld, Fiona - Vampire Keeper, Caitlin - Shapeshifter Keeper, and Shauna - Were Keeper; all three came into their powers with the death of their parents.  Their parents had been powerful Keepers who gave their lives to stop the Underworld war ripping their society apart.

Fiona MacDonald doesn't know who to trust, Jagger DeFarge the police detective/vampire in charge of the murder cases, David Du Lac vampire local night spot owner, Billy Harrington vampire and in love with one of the murdered women, Grenard Mateas newcomer vampire... all are on her radar, but would any of them risks themselves, be willing to give up their lives to start a new war between the races?

Jagger DeFarge doesn't want Fiona intruding where a Keeper shouldn't be, but he finds himself drawn to the Keeper, it's her power, but is it the power of the Keeper or the sensual woman?  David Du Lac appears to be the father figure of the vampire community, is he something more?  Billy Harrington appears to be sweet and innocent, but could he have murdered all these women.. just to keep the one he loves eternally at his side?  Grenard Mateas, newcomer to New Orleans, and doesn't believe in all their rules, could he be trying to take control of the city, starting a war to prove vampire superiority?

Fiona and her sisters need answers to all of these questions to stop the brewing war that could rip their society apart and well as their city, and exposed them all to the humans they're suppose to protect.

The Keepers by Heather Graham is a paranormal romance with elements urban fantasy that encompasses three races of paranormal creatures:  weres, shifters, and vampires.  There was a great war between the races in recent history caused by a mixing of the race, the root of the war... prejudice, when lovers came together to defy the separation of the races.  War of this magnitude should never be allowed to happen again, many were lost to the destruction including Fiona MacDonald's parents.  But, there's one that doesn't believe there should be a second chance, one that believes one race over the others is to blame.  The question that needs to be answered is who would want such a thing?  Then, the murders start happening, and the beautiful young blonde blue eyed victims rise from the death, turned.  Could a vampire be responsible for the deaths?  Who would jeopardize their life, freedom, and more war?  It's Fiona's job to prevent more war from ever happening again, her job to police the vampire society.  It's DeFarge's job to find out who could be responsible, and stop them at all cost.

The Keepers is an excellent read with a love story brewing at it's base.  Fiona MacDonald and Jagger DeFarge are drawn together by the need to stop the murders.  But, once thrown together, the vampire and the Keeper find each other irresistible.  This could have been an erotic romance, but instead, we're left with the sweetness of a true love, sensual in nature, and there are sex scenes, but sweet not graphic.  It's the story of two people who find each other, who made for each other, and love blossoms where least expected.  As for the murders that have been occurring in some of New Orleans cemeteries, everything indicates a vampire, but Fiona is warned, not everything is as it seems, or is it?  The Keepers was a quick page turning read.  Jagger DeFarge is strong, sexy, with all the powers of a vampire.  Fiona MacDonald is beautiful and strong, but carrying the baggage of her parents death and having to protect her two younger sisters as they all three come into their powers.  Basically, this story is about what can happen when prejudice against one race versus another is allowed to roam free, unchecked, leading to war.  One of the questions left to be answered is did this Underworld society learn from their previous mistakes?  If you enjoy paranormal romances or urban fantasies, you'll enjoy this read.  I ended up very much enjoying this one, and will be patiently waiting to see if Caitlin and Shauna get their stories as well, and to see if the races can become one large Underworld society able to live in peace and work together.

**Addition to Post**  Amazon is offering The Keepers for a remarkable 99 cents!!  Check it out!

I received this ebook from Harlequin and Net Galley for review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


Blodeuedd said...

Nice review :) Hope you had a good holiday Dottie, perhaps lots of books ;)

Unknown said...

Hi B!

It was good, both the book and the holiday, lol! Hope you had a great holiday my friend!

Dottie :)

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