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Friday, December 31, 2010

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 20..... The Friday Post

Oh. My. Word.  I forgot today was Friday.... *headdesk*

I glanced at the clock, it read 8:00 P.M.... I wondered through my blog roll which hadn't been updated since 5:30 this morning to find Michelle's flash fiction entry... and then I hurried over to Facebook, and B had her entry posted.... O.M.G....  IT'S FRIDAY!!!  I spent most of the day playing with my brand spanking new iPad..... it's a great reader!!

Oh well, it's been an INCREDIBLY long week with Kevin and all three kids stuck in the house.  And to boot, it's New Year's Eve... but we always stay home on New Year's Eve so I don't feel so bad about forgetting it was the 31st...  I just called my niece to wish her a Happy Birthday, and she was all like, well Aunt Dottie, I thought you forget.  When I told her I had her birthday present here, she asked to me to transport it right on over to her.  LOL.... Her mother watches WAAAAY too much Star Trek....

Anyway, here's the lovely image for this week....  and my flash, which is hot from the fingertips....

Moonlight and Wine
By Dottie Taylor
word count: 455

The moon looked larger, shone brighter as it neared it's zenith. One more night until it reached it's fullness, Sabin thought as she lifted the goblet to her lips. She glanced over her shoulder, already she could feel the need growing, her smooth flesh itching as with a prickling rash, but no cure would stop the crawling sensation of the change.

She shuddered as Raul brushed his fingertips across her bare arm, gooseflesh breaking out where soon a silky softness would grow. She warmed to his touch, desire flaring fresh to life. He reached for her bringing her hand to his lips, partaking of her wine.

As he released her fingers, he captured her waist, pulling her back hard against his body. “Soon sweet, we'll run with the beast.” He growled into her ear, his lips colored by the redness of her wine, his need throbbing, his mouth seeking.

Involuntarily, her head fell back against his shoulder. It was as if she had no control of her senses, not when his lips heated her flesh.

“Don't,” she whispered. Then even quieter on the breath of a whisper, “Stop....” Sabin knew Raul would hear her, his preternatural senses were stronger than her own. But, she couldn't help herself, nor, did she want to. His beast roared a little as his mouth sought the sweetness of her flesh.

She twisted in his arms as his head came up, his eyes fiery. His lips found hers in a heart pounding kiss. If he should leave, she would stop breathing, stop living, because he was the reason for her existence. He was now and always would be, for how ever many years they existed together, the reason for her life.

She watched his eyes, glowing with the reflection of the moon as he gathered her closer, until it was near impossible to breath.

“I curse myself with every full moon.” He whispered as his gaze roved over her, reading her, and she reached up to press her fingers against his lips.

“Don't, you know I would want it no other way. I love you, I have to be with you, you are my life.”

In the heat of passion, Raul had changed, taking Sabin's life into his hands, forcing the same curse upon her. It was an accident, but one that could not be undone.

He swept her into his arms, dropping to the pine needle cushioned ground. Brushing away her long raven colored hair, his fingers shook with need. The clasp of her gown loosen as it slipped from her shoulders.

“You're so beautiful.” Raul breathed into the moonlight.

“As are you my love.” Sabin smiled as she leaned into his kiss.

I hope you had as much fun this time image as I did!!  I didn't mean to write a love story, but it's what come out when my fingers started flying over the keys... a whole 45 minutes ago, lol.  I'll be by to see how everyone else reacted to the prompt... soon... I promise!!

Man, I need to start looking at a calendar, writing these things down... old age is a bitch.... grumble.... grumble.... grumble.....


Blodeuedd said...

Yay, a love story, awww nice :) We do need those too.

Happy new year Dottie!!

Michelle Greathouse said...

Happy New Year Dottie!!

I think of the three of us, you are the one most likely to write the HEA's - and you are very good at it.

Wonderful story.


Unknown said...

Hi B!

I meant to write something horrible and bloody, instead my fingers lead me down the path of a romance, lol, don't even know how it happened!!

Happy New Year B!


Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle!

Yeah, as much as I love the dark, even the bloodiest of little tales tend to have an HEA somehow... Don't know why, but I guess I'm driven in that direction by internal forces, LOL. I love the HEA even in the dark.

Happy New Year Michelle!!


Dottie :)

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