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Friday, December 24, 2010

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 19..... The Friday Post

Good Christmas Eve Morning to all my blogosphere buddies!

I still have so much left to do, pressies to wrap, pies to make, cookies to bake!  So this is short and sweet, lol, just like me!

This is our prompt I chose from the two offered on Monday this week:

Why Kringle Lives
by Dottie Taylor
word count: 900

I was told this story by a very special Faerie friend, and as far as I know, every word is true.

Once upon a time, in a land lost to time, there lived an elderly gentleman. The man was much loved by his neighbors, especially the children. His fondest memories were of making toys. Not just any toys, but ones with moving parts, dolls with eyes that blinked, coasters to sent carts flying. And his toys kept getting better and better.

On this cold crisp morning, as the sun rose over the horizon, the man realized his life was ending. But, he'd lived a good long life, he'd had 135 birthdays, and though his body might be tired, his soul and spirit felt young, full of life. He attributed his long existence to hard work and happiness.

As he laid upon his death bed, he called out to the tiny creatures of the magical world, those who came to him as he worked, sat on his shoulders to hear his stories, his friends who helped him. He wanted to say goodbye. He could weave stories full of mystery and magic... but that's a tale for another day.

All of Faerie knew the man was leaving, and they were very sad. The flutter of wings brushed against his face, tiny dibbles of sparkles fell upon his cheek. Finally the Queen of Faerie came forward as sad as the rest for she had fallen in love the man. She came a lite upon his rosy nose, stomping her tiny foot.

“Kringle, Faerie refuses to let you go. You have much left to do, stories yet to tell.” She sparked haughtily, jiggling as she marched, creating a flurry of Faerie dust.

“No, I'm sorry, it just can't be done!” She settled on his chin, sitting in his fluffy white beard.

Kringle focused in on the tiny queen, “Madam,” he whispered, “I'm afraid the decision has been taken out of you hands.” He chuckled weakly, “All creatures big or small eventually have to meet their maker.”

“We'll see about that!” The Queen of Faerie stood, and as he watched, she began to twirl around and around, faster and faster, until she was nothing more than a blur of shining light. Then, Kringle heard her voice as it boomed around him.

“I called upon all that's true, all that's merry, release this man to the World of Faerie. From mortal to immortality, let it be, I demand it as Tatina, Queen of Faerie!”

As Kringle took one last breath, he felt his body being whisked away. He glanced around dizzily, the land changed, his small cabin where he'd lived his whole life gone, and in it's place stood a structure, with spires, turrets, and yes, windmills, surrounded by evergreen trees.

“Where am I?” Kringle called, and the Faerie Queen, who now stood upon the snow covered grass, reached out and took his hand.

“Why, I told you, Faerie could never let you go.” She smiled and spun around, “Welcome to Faerie!”

“But, I don't understand,” Kringle said as he stood, “it looks like the stories I told the wee ones when they'd come to play in my shop.” As he watched, birds, rabbits, and deer came out of the forest to surround them.

The Faerie Queen beamed, “We want you to feel at home in our world, Kringle, I hope we got it right.” She led with to his new home, and behind it stood his workshop, where Faerie upon Faerie fluttered, each in the process of making some toy. When the Faeries saw him, they glittered and flashed, sparks of Faerie dust flying madly, they were so happy to see him.

“Well my little friends, what have you done?” He grinned at them, as they fell around him showering him with dust.

The Faerie Queen spoke again. “We kept you in the land of man for as long as we could, Kringle. Faerie needs you, you breathe life into our existence. You can make all the toys you want, and we'll help you take them to the children who need them, one night every year.” The Queen looked around, all the heads nodding.

Kringle gazed upon his Queen who stood beside him, fiery hair glowing with a red burn, sparks of magic filled the air around her. Her eyes shimmered, her flesh fairly glowed. She leaned over and kissed him full of the mouth with a giggle and a wink. As she leaned in to kiss him again, he lifted his hands which were strong and young once more, gathering her to his body. He smiled, meeting her in the kiss, happiness bubbling up and out to fill his soul. He fell in love in love with the Faerie Queen, and together they rule the land of Faerie, even til this very day.

That's why, on one night per year, Kringle is allowed to return with the help of Faerie magic to bring toys in the blink of an eye to all the children around the world. He bears to the colors of his Queen, red for her fiery hair and green for the land, sparkles of Faerie dust. Wherever Kringle goes, happiness follows.

Most people believe it was Elven magic, but most people are wrong.

I wanted to write something Christmasy and the legend of Kris Kringle came to mind....

If you'd like to play along, post a response!  It can be anything your heart desires, let your creative juices flow!

Come back next Monday for another edition of....

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge!

Have a great Christmas!


Blodeuedd said...

Awww aren't you just the sweetest :D What a wonderful story.

Mine is up since yesterday... something :)

Michelle Greathouse said...


I love it. :) Merry Christmas my friend.


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