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Monday, December 13, 2010

Sassy Sunday Story Starter.... from Sassy Brit 'Alternative-Read'

I seem to be late with everything these days, lol, and it's the same with the SSSS. Sassy Brit over at Alternative Read offers a Sassy Sunday Story Starter each week, and this week's starter was offered by Angelika Devlyn author of Black Ice.  This week was a single line.... "You'll never guess who has just walked in!"  I had to give it a try.

Soul Fire, Part 1
By Dottie Taylor
word count: 500

"You'll never guess who has just walked in!" Brea squealed as she rushed into the room.

Her sister, Reena, glanced over at Brea, rolling her eyes. “Let me guess, Rob Pattinson.... Daniel Radcliffe.... Joe Jonas...? Stop me if I get close.” Reena grinned, Brea was such a drama queen.

Brea scoffed at her sister. “Nooo.... Don't be silly!” She huffed a little, but couldn't contain herself almost ready to explode. “Omigosh, you're not going to believe it!!” She squeed, happiness shining in her eyes.

“So, who's here?” Reena eyed her sister, truly curious now, Brea was easy to excite, but she was bouncing off the walls.

“Aunt Debbie and Uncle Ron, and guess who they brought? Their new foreign exchange student, Petrov something or other...! Brea buzzed, almost quivering. “He's gorgeous... dark hair, big blue eyes. You gotta see him! But, remember, I saw him first!” She smiled, dragging Reena to her feet.

“Oh, you saw him first alright, go for it, I've had my fill.” Reena pulled her hand back. “Really, it's very okay with me.”

“Just come and meet him.” Brea begged, “come on Reen, I'd do it for you.” She pushed out her bottom lip in a pout, giving her sister big chocolate brown puppy dog eyes. Brea was one with all the looks, red full lips, glossy blonde hair, curves in all the right places. People always thought she was the oldest sister, while when Reena looked in the mirror all she saw was curly red hair, pink pudgy lips, and she was short, not tall like Brea at all. Once guys saw Brea, Reena hardly stood a chance, it happened all the time.

“Alright, I'll come meet your Petrov whatever, don't say I didn't do you any favors.” Reena sighed, following her sister.

Brea hurried back into the room while Reena made her way down the hall, halting as Brea snatched up her hand.

“Reena, meet Petrov, Petrov, my sister Reena.” Brea gushed as she released Reena's hand and grabbed Petrov's.

Petrov's blue eyes rested upon Reena, and suddenly she felt shy, the focus of his attention, she squirmed under his penetrating gaze.  “Nice to meet you, Petrov, hope you're having a good time.”

When he spoke, Reena's eyes were drawn to his lips which twitched in almost a smile. “Nice to meet you too Reena, I was thinking of taking a walk, would you like to join me?” Again those arresting blue eyes studied Reena, but before she could reply Brea burst out, “I'd love to!”

Still Petrov's demanding eyes held Reena's, but Brea was lost in her own thoughts, unaware of Petrov's focus. As Brea pulled him from the room, he broke eye contact to lean in to hear her whisperings. But before they left the house, he once again sought out Reena, with a promise held in those blue eyes, but a promise of what? And why?

I don't know why, but when I read this one line, I immediately thought YA.... maybe it was the words or the way my eyes saw them, but anyway, YA is where this flash went.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it, and I have a feeling there's more to tell....


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