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Friday, March 18, 2011

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 31..... The Friday Post

Good Friday Morning!!

Okay, my bad, I forgot today was Friday.... no flash fiction ready.... but I took the first 40 minutes, after the kids left and husband out the door to work, and hurriedly let my fingers fly over the keyboard. I kind of like what I came up with, hope you do too. It's been so busy here this week. So much controversy, so much pressure. Both of my kids in high school had their lives (and yes, with a high schooler, everything is their lives...) screwed up by the administration at the school. Kirsten isn't getting her college credit, due to teacher error, and Patrick can't get his driver's license until his instructor figures out what the hell he did wrong. The DMV has to no record of Patrick, which is odd, they issued him a driving permit. Baffling.

Oh well, I've spent the last three days trying to unravel the high school's mess. I can't think of anything else to do, lol. It will have to wait until next week when the administrator with the college is back, and the driver's ed teacher has returned from conference. No happy kids for the weekend. But, they'll get over it, they're good kids.

Now, for the flash. Michelle's image was marvelous!! I absolutely loved it. It was easy to write for, the words flowed and flowed. I could use a steady diet...

Magic Most Foul
by: Dottie Taylor
word count: 700

Keta felt the air slicing around her... swush.... swush... as the battle ax made a complete arc around her body, long carmine hair, flowing out behind her, reflecting the blood as it fell upon the ground. She swung in a half circle, never leave your back unguarded, ran through her mind ...swush... swush..., she cleaved the air. Quickly she whirled away and back up, twisting to take in her surroundings, where would be the next attack come from? Left? Right? Behind? No where was safe.

Feet pounded the hard packed dirt of the courtyard. Frak! More of the Queen's soldiers. And she drew in her Ki tightly, centering herself, waiting for the next attack. She braced herself, shields fell into place. BOOM! BOOM! The magic bounded off harmlessly, and the first grin of the day broke across her features. Mages. Useless. She turned to the left to face them.

Kieran. He stood in front of her. At least his body did. The sapphire eyes she knew so well, where she had lovingly gazed, that had made love to her over and over again, now vacant, empty, his soul possessed. Frakking bitch. She'd pay.

Before he could respond, she swiftly brought back the hilt of her sword, smashing his forehead, feeling it give, and he fell to the ground, unconscious. “Forgive me...” She didn't have time to cry, feel, pray.

Maybe there was hope, if the point of her blade pierced the Queen's heart, if she could release those she held captive with her witch's mind. It would mean taking her head, but that was okay, she could live with one more death brought by her hands.

Behind Kieran stood the others waiting to take his place, same vacant stares. With a frightening roar, they attacked as one, all reason gone, faces twisted into unrecognizable masks. Keta twisted, swinging out in a wide arc, as they encircled her. Heads rolled away, but their bodies remained standing momentarily, before collapsing into heaps of human waste. She heaved deep breathes, around her rode the stench of coppery blood. She had prepared her whole life, but each time it was as horrible as the first.

She turned, racing up the stairs that led to the royal tower. More soldiers, more death as her battle axe fell again and again, blood now splattered her robe in long crimson swatches making the fabric heavy, and she let it slip from her body, her arms hard to lift, weighted with exhaustion. She needed to be done.

She burst into the throne room, and the Queen sat in all her glory, her face split into an ugly grin. “Keta, sister, come, join me. I've been waiting.” Sera held out her hand as if in a welcome beckoning, but behind the gesture, a explosion of power slammed into Keta's body, halting her forward momentum. She cringed and panted as she continued to push forward, and more power impacted her. She screamed in an effort to push through..... “STINKING.... HEARTLESS.... BITCH....!” Keta's body shrieked in pain. Finally, she pushed passed the magic, her shields weakened, but still holding.

Keta savagely grinned, baring her teeth. “Mother sends her greetings.” As she gazed upon her sister, Keta could still see her mother's blood soaking Sera's hands, as she took her crown, proclaiming the Realm for herself. Keta rapidly brought back her Katana, and with a scream, she flung it across the room where it found it's mark. Her sister and queen fell in a useless heap, but her cackling still rang in her ears as well as her last words. “He's mine now. Lost to you forever!”

Kieran gazed around, his thoughts loose, floating, where was he? Where was Keta? She'd been here moments before. Slowly his consciousness slipped away again, back into the nothingness, dreaming of Keta and her body, hard, muscled, ready for him in every way. His hands itched to stroke her, but for now, his dreams would have to do.

Keta raced back to the courtyard, falling to her knees, as she begged, “please, please!” Kieran laid helpless, lost and she gathering him close, rocking gently, bitter tears falling upon his face. And he slept.

I know, again with the word count!! If you've chosen to play along, stop by, let me know. And I'll be by to take a peek!

And remember to join us again on Monday for...

Have a great weekend!!

ps:  Japan is in crisis and asking for donations... if you can help, please do.... thank you!!

Lea has infected me with this song!!


Michelle Greathouse said...


Great story!! You wrote that in 40 minutes and it is amazing. :)

It was like I was there watching everything unfold.

Have a great weekend. I hope everything gets worked out at the high school. :)


Unknown said...

Hi Michelle!

I hated it when I forget to do the flash, lol. But, as it turned out, I liked this one. It was the excellent image. This one was great! You do come up with the best images!

Thanks Michelle!

Dottie :)

BJS said...

Good story Tink I just love strong women and bloodshed...

Blodeuedd said...

Hi Dottie,

Look at you, going all bloody :D I liked it a lot. Great flash, and especially when written in a hurry.

I saw your comment on M's blog, I came home from work, had dinner, and then class all evening. Bleh. So will write my flash tomorrow :)

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