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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sassy Sunday Story Starter.... from Sassy Brit 'Alternative-Read'

Well, late again, but at least I managed to get a response to this wonderful prompt provided by Daniel Arenson @ Sassy Brit's Alternative Read.  I really enjoy this one, but then I really enjoy them all!!

So, this is how I saw this week's prompt:

Gangster's Dance
by: Dottie Taylor
word count: 600

When she kicked open the door, gun in hand, she found them waiting.

Sam slammed her back against the wall, holstering her gun, recognition in her eyes. “You been waiting long?”

“Nah,” Blonde ponytail smiled, then challenged, “Boss said to give you a try. Think you can take us?”

“Why the hell not. I don't have anything better to do.”

At once, the melee started, Blondie sprang into action, and the one holding up the far wall casually strolled forward, ready to take Blondie's place, should there be a need. He glanced at his nails, picked imaged fuzz from his lapel. He had a nice vanilla scent rolling off his body, his only appealing feature. Both men were walking steroid adverts, all biceps, rock-hard abs, thick thighs. When Blondie's body slid to the tiled floor, Vanilla's eyes were unbelieving.

He dropped to a fighting stance, holding out a hand. He winked, blew a kiss, and smiled as he motioned her forward.

Bastard. He thought he was better than Blondie. Hell, better than her.... news flash, pal, not even on a bad day.

She grinned and stepped forward, bringing her knee up hard into Vanilla's groin. She never said the fight would be fair. He gasped as he went down howling, “Bitch!” He joined Blondie who had started moving. He was going to need some ice if he ever wanted to use his jewels again.

“Fuck you. Who the hell do you think you are?” She looked over at the pair.

Behind her another voice answered, “They're my new bodyguards, and I can see, I've been sorely misled.” The Boss walked over to his wannabees and kicked at them with a polish wing tip. “Get up off our asses now! Gawd damn it, get the fuck up!” He spun around, pointing a manicure finger, “And you, that's enough! You think these guys grow on trees?”

“I think before you come into my home again, I should have some warning. Next time, I might just start shooting, instead of ass kicking.” Her eyes glowed daggers in their depths.

The Boss turned away and grinned, this is why she was his girl, she took shit from nobody. He schooled his face and turned back to face her. “Last time I looked, I signed your check too.”

She paused with her hand on her holstered gun. “You really wanna go there?”

He had the grace to look uncomfortable. “You know what I mean.”

“Yeah, but your ass doesn't own mine. Don't start acting like it does.”

He swallowed, glancing back at Blondie and Vanilla. “You let a 5 foot, 100 pound girl kick your asses?”

“Sorry Boss, won't happen again.”

“Fucking liars. What to try again?” She cracked her knuckles.

They looked at each other. “No ma'am.”

“Then, get the hell out of my house.”

“Yes, ma'am.” Blondie walked away, but Vanilla wasn't as lucky, he was having trouble moving his legs.

She sighed, “Hold up.” She turned into the kitchen, coming back with a small ice pack. “Here, least I can do.”

He gingerly rested the ice against his throbbing jewels, sighing. “Thanks.”

“Don't mention, ever. Get out.”

He eased around her, making for the door.

The Boss gave her a heated look, “I'll see you tonight?”

She glanced over at him. “Got a job. Maybe later.”

He leaned in with a punishing kiss, bruising her lips. “Make sure you do.”

Her eyes glinted. “Prick.”


Sassy Brit @ said...

Wonderful! I love how the picture really leads your theme, Dottie!

I wouldn't want to mess with her. :)

Hey - looking at your word counts (on the left) you have been doing very well finishing off your stories! Well done.

Thank you so much for joining in again ;) I love reading your flashes and this was filled with action packed fun!

Unknown said...

Hi Sassy!

I really enjoyed this prompt, lol! But like I said, I love them all! When I read this prompt, I immediately thought violence... LOL

I actually thought about doing a fanfiction for Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, but this is flash won out. Anita was there though, lurking in the background, giving fighting tips. Nobody kicks ass like Anita!!

I've been working on finishing up my NaNo entries. Vlad is being edited right now. Magic is slowly coming along, I'm getting a little better at the editing thing as I learn how to write more effectively.

My YA story has been taking a backseat, but when I have more time, I'll go back to it. Always thinking about it. How to turn it off?? LOL

Keep the prompts coming, I'm loving them!

Dottie :)

Sassy Brit @ said...

So glad you do, Dottie!

Well I could see Anita was right there with you :)

Oh you can never forget an unfinished story, which keeps haunting you. That's how larger works are developed. Sometimes all you need is to dwell (or sleep) on them in the back of your mind and things just pop in and take you to that magical place full of new ideas - when you least expect it! :)

Don't stop writing! LOL

Alyssa Kirk said...

So fun! Love this heroine!

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