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Monday, March 7, 2011

People Who Impersonate Authors On Twitter

I discovered an awful truth today... one of the new young authors that I enjoyed so much, Cayla Kluver who wrote the awesome YA fantasy romance Legacy, has had her life and career interrupted by someone impersonating her on twitter. Personally, I can't image the nerve it takes to do something like this. It's beyond the scope of reasoning.

I love twitter, I tweet almost everyday, sometimes just a general good morning tweet, sometimes about what I've been blogging, sometimes responding to others. Granted, I don't tweet a lot, and I stalk more often than I tweet, but I'm there everyday, several times a day usually. But to have someone with the audacity to use your name, your accomplishments, your very livelyhood as their own, rates on a level just below pond scum.

If you follow @CaylaKluver, stop. Report them to twitter as spam and an inappropriate use of another's name. Cayla Kluver (verified as the author of Legacy) can be found @CaylaKL. This impersonator has gained the following of 1300 individuals, has taken the trust of 1300 people and abused it, as well as stealing from a young author. Because, that's exactly what is it, theft.

So many good things have come about with the use of the internet, and so many things I could do without. Thankfully the good out weigh the bad, most of the time.


Cayla Kluver said...

Thank you so much for this post - it really means a lot! I'm hoping to get the situation sorted out soon, but I feel so bad about those 1300 followers. I don't know what the "Fake Cayla" may have said to them! :(

Unknown said...

Cayla, I guess it's one of the cruel lessons of life, some people will stoop to the lowest possible levels to try to feel better about themselves, and that's what this person has been doing, gaining followers and notice from your hard work, promoting herself as you.

I hope she (he) is stopped quickly and promptly, and that the followers find their way to your correct account.


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