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Friday, March 25, 2011

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 32..... The Friday Post

Well, blogosphere buddies.... I have had trouble accessing blogger all day long!!  But, better late than never... it's only 9 pm, only about 12 hours late.....  So, here's my response to this week's flash image.

Magic Most Foul, part 2
by Dottie Taylor
word count: 415

Kayla glanced at the scene around her. Death was everywhere. How could it have all gone so wrong? She squinted into the smoke filled sky, buzzards circled overhead. She turned to leave, nothing left but the feelings of inadequacy.

She should have been doing her job, instead she let herself become detained. True, it was in the service of the Realm, but she should have been here. Where were her sisters? Why hadn't they called out to her? She could only wonder.

As she made her way, she finally felt Keta touch her thoughts. “Sister, we have been betrayed.” It made her blood run cold.

“Mother?” She probed, but there was no greeting or warmth, only a coldness touched her thoughts. “Sera?” Again, there was nothing but a chilled feeling. “Keta, what has happened?”

“Come, you must see with your eyes, and claim your throne.”

Iciness filled her veins, it could only mean her mother was dead and Keta unable to fulfill her oath.

Back to the village she turned, back to the death she sought to avoid.

In the square, she found Keta with Kieran pressed against her breast. Was he alive? She couldn't tell, but her sister's eyes were what scared her the most.

She dropped to her knees, taking Keta's hand, “What has happened? Where is Mother, Sera?”

Keta told her the whole terrible story, no tears left to shed. “I must make the journey into the After Lands.”

“No, Keta, you must claim the crown yourself, to refuse is blasphemous.” Kayla looked at her older sister, seeing her with new eyes.

“Don't you see, Kieran is lost there. If I'm to live, I must free him. You must take my place upon the throne, send me to him. There is no other choice.”

“And what if you free him, he's consort to the Queen. No, I will not take your throne, you must send me into the After Lands. Let me take your place, I do not have the skill to lead the Realm, nor did Sera.”

Though she could see the wisdom in Kayla's words, she knew Kieran would release himself to no other.

Taking her sister's face between her hands, Keta locked on her gaze. “I must go.”

“I will not take your throne, but I will guard it for you while you're gone.” Kayla sighed resigned. Keta would get her wish.

So.... not sure I like this addition, but I really struggled trying to writing something for this flash.  Don't know why...

I'll be by to check everyone else's responses, see how everyone else fared... For next week's image, I'm thinking out of B's she sent me earlier...

So, join us again on Monday for another edition of....

Have a great weekend!



Blodeuedd said...

It was hard for me too, I started three stories. The pic was just so epic and I was lost.

But I liked what you came up with :) What is gonna happen next

Michelle Greathouse said...


I liked it too - I like these characters, and look forward to finding out what happens next. :)


Anachronist said...

I loved your version - so tense and dramatic! If you decide to continue I will be happy to follow! I am your new follower after all ;)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed that. Great characters. I wonder what happens next.

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