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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reviewette: Bite Anthology --- Blood Lust --- Vickie Taylor

Publisher: Jove Publishing
Pages: 221-297

From the Cover: The bite is back in vampire fiction.....

Daniel Hart is a research scientist that has made an amazing discovery....if only he lives long enough to share it with the world......

Daniel Hart has been doing research in Atlanta with a blood substitute. One that can be used to help with blood loss during surgery, accident, or injury. It is a large step forward for man.....what he doesn't know is the person supporting his research doesn't want to share it with the world, but keep it for himself. Little does he know that his most ardent supporter is none other than the Vampire Enforcer, Garth LaGrange, enforcer of the law for the Vampire Queen.

Garth has supported this pathetic human long enough. Finally, the blood substitute has been developed and he no longer need this swiveling excuse for humanity. He has been waiting centuries for this discovery. Time to dispose of the unwanted waste as he begins to destroy Daniel Hart's mind, body, and life. As Daniel fiancee sashays into to the room to pour herself across Garth's body, giving him neck, Daniel watches as Sue Ellen succumbs to the power Garth LaGrange or so he thinks.....

Now, months later with rehab and healing, Daniel Hart is on the prowl. He's looking to get even with Garth, to become like him, to become vampire.

Blood's all Deadre Rue can feel, it's been so long since her thirst has been quenched. The Queen and the Enforcer won't allow it, and after being burned once, she won't be quenching it again anytime soon. When Daniel comes on to her, she is suspicious. What does Daniel want? Is he a vampire groupie, terminally ill, mentally imbalanced? Why would he want to be vampire?

Daniel only has one answer. Revenge. He needs to kill Garth and free Sue Ellen. To do this, he will go to any lengths, even kidnapping a vampire. When Deadre comes to her senses, it's late - almost dawn. Doesn't he know the sun will kill her, maybe she should let it happen. Daniel wants to let her go, but not until she has made him one of the undead. She can't, it is forbidden. To do so would be to consign herself to the sun.

As the dawn begins to break, Deadre is helpless to stop the pain. As she begins to burn, Daniel panics, frees her, and takes her to his grandparents property where a cellar waits. He slips them into the damp darkness and offers his blood to repair her body. Deadre has so long been denied that once she starts to feed, she losses her head and nearly drains his body. With no choices left, she gives him her blood, making him vampire as he wished.

When Daniel wakes the next night, it is to find a remorseful Deadre and a new vampire. He immediately wants to confront Garth, but he is a baby; he needs to gain strength. But with new blood substitute, he can gain the strength he needs quickly.

Back in Atlanta at Daniel's lab, a secret stockpile of synthetic blood awaits. Daniel and Deadre drink their fill and explore the wonders of vampirism together, loving and laughing, high on the rush of synthetic blood. Daniel knows that he loved Sue Ellen at one time, but now only Deadre occupies his thoughts. As they sneak into Daniel's house that Garth has stolen, they find many vampires starving. Garth believes Daniel to be the weak human that he almost killed. But Daniel is strong, too strong with synthetic blood. He kills Garth as he attempts to torture Deadre. Sue Ellen calls to him, but as Deadre sees Sue Ellen, she realizes that she is actually the Queen, trying to use Daniel. Daniel sees past the guise and burns Sue Ellen. He promises all the vampires steady meals of synthetic blood, freeing the vampires of the monstrous existence and the need to prey on humans.

Blood Lust by Vickie Taylor was a great little read. This short could have well been a book! This was the last short in the anthology, Bite. It was so amazingly good, a real page turner. Daniel is a hero who is torn between wanting to avenge himself and Sue Ellen that he is ready to become the unthinkable, vampire. After he frees Sue Ellen and eliminates Garth, he has every intention of killing himself. But as Deadre works her way into his undead heart, he rather be vampire than give up having Deadre. Deadre is a heroine that has grown tired of her existence, tired of denying her thirst, tired of her undead life until she meets Daniel. As the ever thoughtful Daniel gets under her skin, she realizes what has been missing in her undead life. Companionship, love, and the beauty of a new night seen through eyes of another. I loved these two characters, both hopeless but gaining strength, life, and love from each other. Vickie Taylor (Vickie Spears) is another new author for me, but this will not be her last story that I read. This short was a very fast fun read and I enjoyed it immensely. For information about other books by Vickie Taylor, please visit her website.


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