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Friday, October 8, 2010

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 8...... The Friday Post

Good Friday Morning blogosphere peeps!

Everyone is home from school today, it's a four day weekend here in peaceful town of Sullivan, which means by Tuesday morning, I should be completely insane.... The hubs has Monday off too, he probably has plans for me that include cooking and cleaning, the two dreaded "C" words. Don't you think we should just pitch the dirty clothes and dishes? Restaurants were put on this Earth for a reason, right? LOL Yeah, right....

Since it's Friday, it's time for a response to the wonderful image Blodeuedd supplied us with, it's gorgeous, all types of imaginings for this one...

And I have to say, I wrote this flash for Blodeuedd, who informed that those ships could be containing an alien race of vampiric creatures.....  So, Blodeuedd, this is for you!

The Invaders
by Dottie Taylor
word count: 350

Celia watched from the mountainside as the invaders ransacked her village, few escaped, hidden in the hills. Most became snacks for this beastly race, Vampyrix, the blood dealers. Celia's family had been the first to perish as the protectors.

Daron, paced madly, eyes wild. It was killing him, watching everyone die, everything destroyed. He bared his teeth, threw back his head, howling with pain and defeat as he pounded his fist against the rocks, bloodied from repeated abuse.

Celia reached out, putting her hand across Daron's, quieting his pain. “Daron, peace, we'll have our revenge.” She grabbed the hem of her huntress dola, wrapping his hand, soaking the tattered thin fabric.

Daron closed his eyes. He'd tried to sneak into the village, to release those held in the corrals. He made his way circling around to the back, away from the Vampyrix. But horror awaited his eyes. All of the captivities had dead eyes, no longer the people he knew, even his mother glanced at him without seeing. The best Daron could do was to take their lives before the Vampyrix had time to ship them off planet. He'd managed to snatch Celia's youngest brother, now her only relative. But, Elin kept trying to return, his death-like pallor going worse. He keened, bit at them, finally breaking free. It'd damn near killed Daron as Elin raced back to death.

It would stop now. Daron jumped to his feet as Celia caught his hand. “What are you going to do?”

“What's the one thing Vampyrix abhor?” Daron leaned in to Celia, touching his lips to hers.

“Daron, no you can't. Heritage left us as protectors.” Celia's eyes widened.

“Celia, they're taking everything, killing everyone. They'll come for us too.”

“I'll not be left behind.”

“This will probably to lead to our deaths.” Daron gathered Celia, holding her close.

“We're dead anyway once the Vampyrix discover what we've hidden.”

“It's time for Vampyrix to have a taste of what they're so willing to give.”

Celia glanced up at Daron and grinned. “Death.”

So, this is my take, what's your's?

If you've chosen to play along, leave me a link and I'll add it to my post!

Check out Michelle's response here....

Check out Blodeuedd's respone here.....

And come back on Monday for another.....

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge!!

Ciao Bella!!

***If you're really ambitious, you can check out Sassy Brits' Sunday Story Starter, sometimes there's a line prompt, sometimes a story foundation, but it all good fun!


Michelle Greathouse said...


How sad. I could see them standing in the forest, feeling frustrated and angry, trying to come up with a way to kill the invaders and avenge their families.

Great story.


Blodeuedd said...

Lol, you made me laugh with that first line, good that you listened to me ;)

Ok then to the story, those evil vamps, I sure hope they get what is coming to them.


~Sia McKye~ said...

Dottie, enjoyed your story!

Blod, you always offer such pretty pictures for these things. :-)

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