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Friday, October 22, 2010

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 10..... The Friday Post

It been a really long week here, I'm tired and Kirsten's last football game of high school is tonight, somehow I have to squeeze in a nap before this evening.  I did watch a really good movie last night called Legion starring Paul Bettany (who's a favorite of mine... totally sexy with a sweet British accent), I don't think it was as well received in theaters as it was supposed to be, but I enjoyed it.  It was dark, the battle between the servants of God.... the ultimate question... can mankind be saved.  It was sooo sweetly dark!!  I loved it, just the right mix of fantasy and horror for Halloween.... more later maybe.

Anyway, it's time for my response to the imagine from Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge.  I had no trouble at all writing for this prompt, in fact, I couldn't turn it off once I started.  I'm just sharing a piece of the three pages that I whipped out in two hours, I'm going to incorporate this into my NaNo entry... I love this freaking awesome image!!

Death Waits For No One
by Dottie Taylor
word count:  350

“Damnation!” Daron shouted. He wouldn't let it happen. “Damn the fates, angels, demons, may they reside in hell!”

“My love,” Sheree whispered, “my time is growing near.” A feeling of dread settled over her, seeping into her soul, life was slipping away.

Daron rushed to her side, pressing her hand to his lips softly. “No... please no.” Bitter tears fell from his eyes.

Sheree gazed up with all the love she could squeeze into one smile. “Listen to me, this was foretold. We knew it from the first day, the first glance, the first kiss.”

Daron gently gathered her body closer to his, fighting to keep from screaming. “I would gladly give my life in place of yours.” He stared up at the Heavens, demanding the Gods to take notice. “I forfeit my life for hers, why do you not take it?!?” He buried his face in Sheree's fragrant hair, inhaling deeply, wetting it's silky lock with his angry tears.

Sheree reached up, brushing his tear stained face. “I no more want your death than you want mine. Please do not ask for it.”

“I will not live without you.” Daron raised his head again. “Do you hear me?!?” He called to the Heavens once more. “I will not stay in your service!”

Sheree, strength weakening, wept silently against his firm shoulder. “Please Daron, I cannot greet death without your promise.”

“My promise? What promise do you seek, my sweet?” He pressed her gingerly into his body, kissing her soft full lips.

“You'll live for me...” Sheree breathed against his lips. The strength left her body, she slid limply to rest into Daron's arms.

“NO..... No.... no....” Daron flung his head back despair written upon his face, howling with the all the power his anger could summon. The wind whipped, ripping up trees, hurling the bones of the Healers who'd gone before as he stepped upon the burial mound. The Seer had foretold this future years ago, Sheree accepted her fate, death waits for no one.

So, this is my response, believe me I could have kept going and going and going....

If you played along, leave me a link so I can take a peek.  And remember to come back next Monday for another edition of.......

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge!!

I have no idea what the prompt will be yet, but I'm thinking something to do with Halloween... What do you think?  Anything you'd like to see?  Let me know!!!

Remember to stop by Sassy Brit's on Sunday!
See you next week!



Michelle Greathouse said...


I loved Legion. :) Very good and kinda creepy. LOL

Your story is sad. I want to know more...

Next weeks pic Halloween themed? Sounds appropriate - and we haven't had a scary picture since the first week. :)

Have a great weekend - hope you get your nap in before the game.


Blodeuedd said...

Hi D,

I do like yours, but so sad :( So this is your nano one, does that mean she will live again ;)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Awesome story! I enjoyed it...reminded me of a sad Shakespearean story.

Sweetie, when you get a chance, I've got a poll going on the left side of my blog...wouold you be willing to fill it in (takes just a couple of clicks) I'm looking for feedback on my new format!

Thank you

Teddyree said...

What a beautiful piece of writing Dottie, it's sooo sad but I was tickled to see my name... now I want more LOL.

The prompt pic is stunning!!

Lea said...

Awesome prompt picture Dottie and stellar writing to go with.

I can see you were truly inspired.

I hope you are resting up and feeling better this morning. (hug)

Amy C said...

Hey Dottie,

I loved your take on this picture! I loved the adjectives added to his tears...bitter and angry!

That's awesome you found your NaNo story with this picture prompt.

Ohhh, a halloween picture for this week sounds really good :). I'd like to think I could find time to do one :).

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