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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sassy Sunday Story Starter.... from Sassy Brit 'Alternative-Read'

Good Sunday Morning!  Since it's Sunday, it must be time for Sassy Brit's Sunday Story Starter (inspired by Laura Tolomei this week).  I had too much fun with this one, LOL!  It's light and fun, a teensy bit sexy (rated 'G' lol), just what AmyC has been daring me to do (well, not the 'G' part...).  See Amy, you're rubbing off on me, a little anyway, lol! 

 Queen of the Damned
by Dottie Taylor
word count:  500

Didri was bored.

Her world was just too…perfect, she thought not for the first time, stretching and yawning, mouth fully open as she stared at the blinking flashes overhead. 


Her life, on the other hand, was nothing more than public fodder for the local press. Everywhere she turned, some photographer was in her face, snapping a picture, screaming questions in her ears. How's a girl to shop when a crowd's at your heels? Now, the press is beating down her door.

If she could take it all back, she would. Her death and marriage; life was so much simpler when you didn't wake up dead every evening. And not only that, but some ancient God only knows where the Hell it came from prophecy proclaiming she, Didri, was the Queen of the Damned. Wasn't that some movie starring that hot guy, Stuart Townsend? How's that for a fine howdy do?

One of her many new minion rushed into the room, drawing the curtains, dropping to her knees, eyes downcast. “My Queen, forgive me, I thought you might like to gaze upon your roses with breakfast.”

That's another thing, breakfast used to be a bowl of cold cereal and lactose free milk, now it's a pint of warm blood. Even the sight of blood used to make her queasy, who knew it was delicious and nutritious?

“Rachel, get up. It's fine.” Didri reached out, taking the girl's hand, dragging her to feet. “And please, it's Didri.” Didri smiled, showing just the hint of fang.

“Oh, yes my... er... Didri.”

“Do you know where Max has hidden himself?”

“Your king's consulting with representatives from the local consortium, m... Didri.”

Max was the most pleasant surprise in all of this mess. After Didri's death, he'd come and claimed her body. When she'd awaken, it was to his gorgeous face hovering with concern. It'd been love at first bite. Didri felt herself pinking with the memory, how she'd leapt from the bed and bitten poor Max. She still couldn't believe she'd done something so gross, but it grew on you after awhile, especially when he bit her back, and the sex that followed... The man could do things with his lips, hands, oh....

“Max!” Didri called, he was never around when you needed him. She strolled from the kitchen, glancing in each room. Finally, she discovered Max's chiseled body lounging lazily, with one loafered foot prompt up, reading the evening paper.

“Ah, there you are, my love.” Max dropped the paper, gathering Didri in his arms, nuzzling the sweet spot on her neck.

Didri sighed leaning hard against his body. “You were gone when I woke this evening.” She pouted.

“Would you like to go back, wake up again?”

“Yes, please.”

Max chuckled, his fangs grazed her neck as he swept her easily into his arms. “Your wish is my every command.”

Now this was the way to wake up in the evening....

I have to say, this was fun, lol, not sure I could handle of steady diet of light.... the dark is so much sweeter...  but I really enjoyed having fun with this one...  Who knew?


Blodeuedd said...

Light is good, I like this sweet one :D

Sassy Brit @ said...

This was great, Dottie! I'd love to read this one as a full length story!

Be sure to come back and tell us you are published, when you are -- I'm sure it will happen. :)

Like I said on my blog if the SSSS's (LOL) help you in any way, shape or form - on your way to publication. I'm happy!

Thanks for playing!

How's Amy? Hope she is well.

Unknown said...


You crack me up, lol! The light can be a little good, but my soul contains the darkness... LOL!


Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Sassy!

LOL, I might work this into something longer sometime, I don't even know where it came from, definitely not my usual style, but the prompt seemed to beg for something like this. But, I know there's more to this story too!

Amy is doing great! But school and the demands of real life are eating most of her time, limiting what she can do, even though she wants to play. It's a case of too little time, but when she gets a break, she'll be back at it. She's a wonderful writer, she does it so well and makes it seems effortless when I know how much hard work it can really be.

Thanks again Sassy, and maybe one day, I hope, publication will be in my future, but until then, I'm going to have fun doing what I love, writing. These short little pieces release the creativity!


Dottie :)

Sassy Brit @ said...

You are so very welcome, Dottie! Glad to help release your creative juices! :)

I popped by Amy's blog to say hi! Thanks for letting me know. I was concerned she was unwell or something.

Busy, is good - Just like Arnie, she'll be back. Of course, with less muscles and a much prettier face ...

I'll get my coat...

Sassy Brit @ said...

Meant to say, Hi Blodeuedd!

*Hi Blodeuedd!*


Christine said...

Very sweet, Dottie! I like this one A LOT! =)

Unknown said...

Hi Christine!

LOL! I had fun writing this one, I read the prompt and thought, this was is going to be light and fun! I mean, having a picture snapped with your mouth wide open... Can your day get any better? LOL


Dottie :)

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