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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Deadline Dames, ROD #19

The Deadline Dames ROD this month eerily reminded me of Harrison Ford's Scifi cult classic hit, Blade Runner.  Though not as popular as his other movies, Blade Runner has quite a cult following, and truthfully, when it came out on DVD, I had to have it.  (I guess, count me in the cult.)  So, when I saw the image, I wrote a Blade Runner-ish flash.  I didn't think I was going to participate this month, because the image is so.... well, bizarre, but then I got stuck in Blade Runner mode, and sigh..... the flash is bizarre too.

So, here's my take of the prompt.  And remember, it really is strange.

by Dottie Taylor
word count: 223

When wandering through another being thoughts, hopes, dreams, and memories; one must proceed with marked caution. Wandering through an ancient's consciousness was no different, just more exhausting.

Sifting through the years, flashes of memories zoomed by, one after another in quick concession. If I paused, I could become lost. Time being the most precious of commodities in the duality of purposes, tarry too long and become trapped, lose too much and unable to go back, time like sand, shifted constantly, changed effortlessly.

I'd searched through the ancients now for almost two months, lost in the archives of glass prisms holding each cherished cognizance. Thousands upon thousands to be explored, searching for the one.

I had been given express permission for my hunt, the ancients were never disturbed, but they were my last hope. Whatever the price demanded, paltry. So, the questing continued for the one being's memory in the ancient awareness, if found, would bring back what had been lost, leaving the future with hopeful possibilities.

Finally, one of the ancients revealed in a moment of weakness, the real truth, hidden for centuries.

“The question has been asked and answered, is life worth living? There is no real answer, and without the living, there is no question. It is the sensible being that quits wondering and starts living.”

If you'd like to participate, the Dames deadline for entries is midnight, September 8, 2010.  The word count is a lean 250.


Blodeuedd said...

Good one!
Perhaps nextsu time for me, I just saw this one and went ?

Amy C said...

Very good, Dottie...insightful even.

Sadly I never have seen the whole Bladerunner movie. I remember I was really young when it came out and when it would come on like HBO it would kinda creep me out so I never watched it. I have always wanted to now that I;m much older!

Unknown said...

Hi B!

I know, I was saying to myself, I'm so not going to write anything for that image!! But, then I thought about Blade Runner and Daryl Hannah's character, and it was so weirdly the same. Then, I got it stuck in my head, and the flash turned out as weird as the image. LOL Oh well, in a couple of weeks, there'll be another image.

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Amy!

I'll tell you when I first saw it, it kind of scared me too. Harrison Ford's character viciously goes after rogue individuals who's life span has already been decided, who know they going to die, and they're forced to be servile to humans (pleasure models, laborers, servants). Until there's one model designed with an unlimited life expectancy, and everyone wants a piece of her. Weird little movie, but I was drawn to it after watching it a couple of times. I really liked how the artificial life turned out to have more humanity than the true human life.

(I guess, whence the flash...?)


Dottie :)

Tales of Whimsy said...

LOVE Bladerunner :)

Unknown said...

Hi Juju!

Me too, LOL! If you saw the picture the Dames used, it would have said Blade Runner to you too!

Dottie :)

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