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Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 4

Good Monday Morning Blogosphere Buds!  Happy Labor Day!!  I hope everyone is enjoying a long weekend away from work, school, etc...?

And since it Monday morning, it must be time for.....

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge!

Thanks to my good friend, Amy, we've been having fun with this little idea of ours.  Every Monday morning, we post a new picture prompt that we hope will get your creative juices flowing.  So far, it's been a lot of fun!  I hope everyone who spies the image will want to give it a try.  So, this Monday's picture prompt is one that's near and dear to Amy's heart.... well, if you know Amy that means it's time for....


When I saw this image I immediately thought of Amy.  It's a beautiful fantasy image, and I know there are plenty of fantasy readers out there.... so give it a try, you'll never know until you put pen to paper (or keystrokes to laptop)... I know there are plenty of budding writers out there waiting for a challenge, and this image most certainly provides one!

The rules remain the same.  If you choose to play along, you'll have five glorious days in which to create something to call your own.  We have a generous word count allowance, 350 words (a little more or less is fine, the main thing is to create!).  On Friday morning, we come back and post what we've imagined the picture prompt could be, and it always different for all of us.  Leave me a link, and I'll add it to my Friday post so everyone can read your prose.  I hope I've enticed a few to join with our little community!

So, it's on your mark, get set, create!!  And have a fun and have a fabulous week!

**Remember to stop back on Thursday!!  Dakota Banks will guest posting with her new book, Sacrifice (which is amazing!!!) and, she giving away a signed copy!!  YAY!!  You don't want to miss it!**


Blodeuedd said...

I feel something sinister coming on, mouwahahahahaha

Amy C said...

I was just sitting here watching Superman II and reading your post and I thought of my title for this challenge :D. Those are hard for me most of the time!

Anyway :D, It has been fun, Dottie, doing these with you. I hope it continues for awhile. I'm certainly not getting tired of them, and I'm always so happy to see B and Michelle doing them too!

And yes, I love a good fire-breathing dragon! I do have my idea all worked out for this one. Probably not really dark either. I leave that to you three! You all do it so well.

I really need to up the challenge for you guys with a nice light and fun picture...but then I wonder how inspiring it will be?? Hmmm, but I think a pic I have might bring out the naughty side, but knowing you guys, you'll find a way to turn it dark!! :P So perhaps I'll just have to double the challenge :D! MUST WRITE NAUGHTY! *Evil Grin*

Lea said...

What a beautiful graphic! It does so remind me of Amy and certainly does get the creative juices moving!

This is such a fun post Dottie, sorry I've not had time to participate yet but will one of these weeks.

WOOT about the Dakota giveaway! Cool beans Dottie!!


Unknown said...

Hi B!

I love when you laugh!! mouwahahahaha

Can't wait to see what sinister idea you come up with!

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Amy!

I've been enjoying these little flash fiction posts, and I do hope to continue them. I love that Michelle and Blodeuedd have joined us in participating. Both are so talented. I believe B is going to do NaNoWriMo too, if you can still, it will be great. Maybe work on Michelle, see if she wants to participate too. It would be fun to have a little network!!


Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Lea!

I hope you find time to play along too, I love reading what everyone else comes up with, it's always so much fun!

Come back for Dakota's giveaway, Sacrifice is excellent!


Dottie :)

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