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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ubuntu..... PC Users..... Try Linux!!

As many of you know, I am a tried and true Mac user, I love my Mac, couldn't live without my Mac....  But, I do have an elderly PC, granted it's old and decrepit, but on occasion, someone in my home needs an extra computer and I drag it out.  Well, almost no one knows this, but my kid is a computer geek, loves every minute of it and he's been exploring the uses of Linux as opposed to Windows, and may I say, there is no comparison....  Windows is old and stogy, Ubuntu (easiest user friendly form of Linux, even I can use it) is almost as good as my Mac!  It's very close to Mac's OS X, and if you're familiar with Mac's it's super user friendly, almost no learning curve. If I had to depend on my PC, Ubuntu would be my operating system of choice.

On 10-10-10, Ubuntu is releasing an upgrade called Maverick Meerkat, it's free to consumers (ubuntu is South African for: open and available to others, affirming of others) and super easy to use!  You can still leave Windows on your computer with a small partition allotted for Ubuntu. There's even a youtube video showing you step by step how to install! All of my kids PC, and one my hubs bought for work, now have Ubuntu on them, it's so much fun and better to use.

I wanted to share with you some of Ubuntu's fun marketing adds, they're too funny!!


Blodeuedd said...

I am sure bf would love you for saying that...but I am a windows girl, true and true, even though he has always the newest linnux whatever on his computers

Unknown said...

Hi B!

Windows and I are not friends most of the time. I can usually fix whatever has gone wrong, friends think I can fix their computer which makes me crazy, because truthfully, it's the blind leading the blind with trial and error, LOL! My kid lives for the next thing when it comes to his computers, and Linux is open source, so he can write his own code if he needs to. I would never use the OS he does, but Ubuntu is very stable and works great, I'm just glad he's happy playing with his very expensive toy!!

Dottie :)

host said...

I've always used Windows, it was the OS I learned in school back in the days when only rich people had PCs at home. During my college when I was being trained to become designer we were forced to use MACs because all the big shot artists use them - hence my resentment. Immediately after I finished college I went back to my unstable, untrustworthy Windows :)
I LOVE those ads – I was laughing so loudly that my colleague next door came to see what’s up then she was laughing too :) Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi Host!

We must have experienced some of the same things, lol, in 8th grade they stuck us on these computers that, thinking back, were so decrepit, no screen color, a flashing green cursor, moved as slow as snails, they barely worked! LOL

Only places who had computers were rich people, universities, and a few schools... in high school, the same thing, in college it was so backward, we used keystrokes and wrote in basic!! LOL It turns out my high school was more advanced...

It was until I got married that I discovered the wonders of the Macintosh computer, we bought one of the very first Apple iMacs, a strawberry one. Now, I can't go back, lol, but I could get used to having a second laptop with Ubuntu as an operating system, so much better than Windows!

I'm glad you enjoyed the adds, they cracked me up!! LOL Everyone needs a good laugh now and again.

Dottie :)

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