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Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 6

Good Monday Morning blogosphere peeps!

I have to say my butt is draggin' this morning.... where did the night go?  Oh, yeah, I remember, my kid kept getting me to tell me his throat hurt.  I plied him with various meds and pretty soon, he was back to sleep.  Unfortunately, there are only so many times that I can be woken up before I up for the day.  That came at 2 am for me.....  I did drift off at 6 am, but my alarm is set for 6:15 am, which is the time we all need to be moving if everyone is going to get where they need to be.  And my kid with the sore throat, refused to stay home from school.... Damn, I'm so tired, lol!

So without further ado, it time for another......

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge
yipee!  ((((yawn))))

Blodeuedd supplied our picture prompt this morning, and I have to say, it' like nothing we've used before, in fact, I've never written to this type of prompt EVER!  So this really will be a challenge! Thanks B!!  Next week, Michelle has offered up some tasty morsels, this is really starting to get fun!

I have to say, it's beautiful, and I immediately started thinking medieval knights, fantasy realms, battles between the good and evil, magics of all kinds.  I can't wait to see if the others have thoughts similar to my own!  Then again, I have been on a vampiric spin lately, I could see a very hot Eric Northman shimmering into the picture....  LOL  I need coffee!!!!!!!!!

If you choose to play along, the rules remain the same.... On Friday, we come back and post our responses to the picture prompt.  We have a roomy (um, last week I went over by 150 words..., I guess I needed to stretch...), anyway it's a 350 word count (a little more or less is fine!).  You can write about anything the prompt evokes, mine are usually dark and disturbing (inner turmoil?), and if you leave me a link to your answer to the prompt... I'll post so everyone can have a gander.  I promise by Friday, I'll be more coherent and less rambling.... I hope!
So, on your mark, get set, and create!!

Have fun and let your creative juices flow freely!!

See you soon!



Blodeuedd said...

I can't wait to see what my mind comes up with, there are one idea moving around, just this first sentence, and I love my pic :)

Unknown said...

Hi B!

I do too, lol, I think this only the second time I've had an idea brewing with just gazing at the prompt! I love it! LOL!

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Thanks B!

Dottie :)

Amy C said...

I think I'm going to do something more like what Michelle has always done... work my way up to the picture. I always start off using the picture as an opening, but in this case, I don't think it's going to work. So that's cool, it's putting me in a different direction!

It is a wonderful picture, B! All I see is 'romantic' when I look at it. Perhaps even some naughty?? LOL!

Unknown said...

Hi Amy!

LOL, naughty? Too many layers of clothing for naughty, BUT, I do believe they took a pass on most undergarments, more along the line of loose fitting bloomers with a drawstring.... that could definitely work into a naughty scenario now that I think about it.

LOL! I'm still seeing fantasy all the way.


Dottie :)

Amy C said...

Perhaps she doesn't have anything on under her dress. He could simply lift it know...

Nothing fantasy is coming to perhaps I should go naughty! :P

Hmmm, what do I feel like writing??

Unknown said...

Now, I have read a historical or two where the fair maiden was bare to the world underneath all the godforsaken clothes, I mean it would be really warm. But, you know the world was going through a mini ice age at the time. Probably needed all that extra clothing to keep icicles from forming.

I could see a lifting of the dress... tupping of the maid...

Dottie :)

Amy C said...

Tupping of the maid, you say?? Hmmm, I should have thought of that first. I like the way that sounds...definitely could get naughty with a maid :P

I do have something cooking too...and it's gonna get a lil steamy! hehe I haven't done anything steamy in a long time!

Was the world really going through a mini ice age back then? I wasn't aware what the temps were like then.

Unknown said...

Hi Amy!

Yep, there was a little ice age during the middle ages, the starting date various with sources, but somewhere between 1100's and 1200's and continuing through the great famine and black death. As a rule, I don't use wiki, but they are a short article on it, not sure the dates are trustworthy though, but a good site to see is @

There was a year where snow covered the ground throughout the summer, even effected here in the Americas. If you check out the American Revolution, it was quite chilly here during that time period too.

Dottie :)

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