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Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 5

Good Morning to Everyone in the Blogosphere!

And since it Monday morning, it must be time for.....

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge!

This week's picture prompt has been chosen by the marvelous AmyC, and it's quite the prompt!!

Is this freaking amazing or what? I love it!! I can't want to see what everyone comes up with! I know Amy was hoping for light and airy (lol, moi write light and airy?) or naughty (hmmm... maybe there's hope for naughty, I kind of like naughty, lol!).

The rules remain the same if you should choose to play along. We have a roomy 350 word count (a little more or less is fine). On Friday morning, we all come back and post our respond to the picture prompt. If you post a response to the prompt, leave Amy or I the link and we'll post it on our Friday post, so everyone can take a peek!

And I totally agree with Amy, Michelle and Blodeuedd, if you come across a picture that you think will evoke a wild, wonderful, or wicked response (any adjective will do!!), let Amy or I know, and we'll use it as well. 

So, on your mark, get set, create! 

And most of all have fun, let your creative juices run free, and have a fabulous week! 

I think I'm channeling Grace Coopersmith this morning, lol, aka Marta Acosta and I have to mention this:  She's offering a free read of her fab book, Nancy's Theory of Style, HERE!! It's an unedited copy, but I have to say, I've read Nancy's wicked words, and laughed my dareaire off!!  Unfortunately, I still have plenty of dareaire left, so Grace, you need to write another book, my review will be up soon!



Blodeuedd said...

It's gonna be so fun to write this one :D
Oh and I will keep my eyes open

Amy C said...

Hmmm, naughty is always good! I must search out a really good one for that, one that you won't have much choice but to get a little naughty with :D

Actually, that is what I was looking for when I happened across the one for this week. Far cry from invoking some naughtiness!

Unknown said...

Hi B!

I think it's going to be fun to write for, lol, so many possibilities!

Dottie :)

Hi Amy!

Light and airy, naughty, probably not happening, lol. I feel the dark coming out.

Dottie :)

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