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Friday, September 17, 2010

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 5....... The Friday Post

Good Friday Morning!

I had so many different ideas for this prompt, but I had to go with one near and dear to my own heart, and if you know me, then you'll know what I've been drawn to.....

by Dottie Taylor
word count:  500

Was were a way to save him or was all hope lost? Cimone dropped her head to his chest. There, she could hear a faint thud, moments later, another. Ramon, the one she had search for all of her long life was slowly slipping through her fingers. The ground beneath him soaked with his life's blood.

Her mind reached out to his, shaking him mentally, his eyes fluttered open. The dull blue that greeted her was pain-filled, death making it's way, robbing him. His face creased in a small smile, Ramon, trying to reassure her. He was passed words, his eyes glazing.

Damn it!! She wouldn't let it happen, not again!

“Ramon, my love.” Her mind reached out again, his body beyond responding, but she could hear him calling back blindly, seeking in the darkness, tendrils of consciousness touched her lovingly. His thoughts slipped into hers, like his strong fingers once slipped into her hands and lips lingered in ecstasy giving kisses, he caressed her mind.

“Ramon, do you want live?” Cimone would never curse her lover to her existence without his acceptance and knowledge, but now there was no other way. This fucking war took away her choices.

His thoughts slid away, she shook him again. Death hovered at the edge, wanting.

“Ramon, my love.” Tears fell on his cheeks, as she kissed his lips. “Ramon, answer me.”

“Life, if I could choose, it would be life....,” thoughts drifted up to her, Death eager to take him. He wasn't ready.

Cimone did the one thing she'd sworn never to do. Kissing Ramon one last time, her lips slid to his throat, piercing the tender flesh, sipping the dredges of his life's essence. It was the only way. Ramon now death pale as his heart shuddered one last thud.

She torn her lips from his flesh, and brought them to her wrist, ripping and bringing it to his lips. She touched his thoughts again, “Drink the wine of my life, sweetheart, stay with me.”

Ramon didn't understand, but a few drops whetted his tongue, and he felt a surge of life, and he wanted more. He drew slightly deeper, and life surged stronger. He cracked his eyes open, Cimone above, begging him. He drew harder, hands finding her wrist, and pressing closer, tighter. Life was making him feel buoyant.

Cimone grew paler, and with the last of her strength, pulled her arm away.

“We must finding shelter. Others may be seen.” Cimone glanced around to realize, there was no one left to notice. “You must sleep, you need to heal.”

Ramon glanced up, a dawning in his starkly vivid eyes. Her blood and his, coursing in his veins. “Cimone, what have you done?”

“I've saved you, sweets, come, I know a place.”

Ramon grabbed her hand as they faded to mist.

Tomorrow would bring a new night for a new life... and it was their's for the taking.

So, what do you think? Happily ever after? Maybe? Sort of?

If you've chosen to play along, leave a link, I'll add it to my post!

AmyC wrote......

Michelle wrote......

Blodeuedd wrote......

And remember to join us next Monday for another....

 Monday Monday Flash Fiction Challenge!!



Michelle Greathouse said...


Great story. :) I think we were all thinking along the same lines on this one.

Can't wait for next week.


Amy C said...

Hmmm, I didn't know you were drawn to vampires! :P

Awesome flash this week, and surprisingly enough, Dottie, considering the picture and the way things go most times in your flashes, this one was not dark and twisted. Had a rather happy ending in a vampirish sort of way!

PS Imma skingsta baby! What does that mean you ask? I have no idea, it was my WV. Reminded me of like gangsta but instead it's skingsta!

Blodeuedd said...

Vampires, lol why did they not cross my mind. Good one Dottie, but yes happy in a way, you might be the happiest of us, lol

Christine said...

Nice story, Dottie! I think it's definitely a happier ending than if Ramon died, but their future sounds like it could be a difficult one. At least the are together in life, right?

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