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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Day, Better Evening AND John Sandford Reviews (Two)

Well, it's almost 5:00 in the morning, which means I only slept for about 2 hours. Have been trying to go back to sleep, but the insomnia has won this round. I hate to take the pills the doctor prescribed, I know the pain in my ankle is the problem, but I don't like the after effects on the sleeping meds. I feel almost drunk the next day, which is worse than being worn out the next day. Going to have to go back and maybe have the nerve block, which I also really dislike doing, but I have to be able to sleep. After a nap later today, I'll feel better and then maybe I won't need the nerve block. See, to have the nerve block, they stick about an eight inch needle along the effected side of your spine, doesn't feel real good, and the last one caused back spasms longer than the effects of the nerve block lasted. My back killed me for about a month and my leg stopped hurting for about 3 days, it just didn't seem like a fair trade off or worth being in the extra pain. RSD causes my ankle to hurt, even though the original break healed months ago, my sympathetic nervous system still thinks it's injured and continues to make my ankle ache. Maybe I'm just being a crybaby and should get over it. I try not even to mention it to my kids or hubby, just causes them extra guilt and makes me feel silly.

Well, starting to get sleepy, so I'm going to quit for now, though I'll probably add to this post later today. Computer starting to act wonky anyway. Talk to you soon,


Well, slept about 4 more hours throughout the day, and I'm feeling much better!! I'm already tired, so sleeping tonight shouldn't be a problem. Shouldn't even need my sleeping meds!! And my leg feeling better, not a lot, but enough that I think I'll be able to sleep, don't even want to try another nerve block right now. Still throbbing, but I think I can handle it.


I've read another couple of good books since Christmas, Phantom Prey and Heat Lightning both by John Sandford.  Here are a couple of short reviews.

Publisher: Penguin Group
Pages: Phantom Prey--384 (May 2008) Heat Lightning--400 (September 2008)

Phantom Prey is a Lucas Davenport novel (the 18th in the series) about a widow, Alyssa, who can't find her daughter, Frances, but mysteriously finds her blood smeared throughout the kitchen. Frances was heavy into goth, and Lucas must investigate, mostly as a favor to Weather, his wife and friend of Alyssa's. Lucas is sure Frances has met with foul play, but how and why, and who is this Fairy that everyone seems to know. Who is killing the goth wannabees? Only time will tell Davenport what he needs to know.

Heat Lightning is the second book in the Virgil Flowers series. Virgil Flowers is a detective from the Lucas Davenport series, who came with Davenport into the BCA. He's very good at what he does, sort of like a younger Davenport. In Virgil's first book, he investigated the death of an old man who burned to death. In this book, Virgil investigates the death of Vietnam Vets who appear to be executed in a traditional Vietnamese manner, with a lemon stuffed in their mouths. As the deaths pile up, Virgil gets deeper and deeper into the mystery surrounding the deaths. Virgil likes woman a lot, and soon becomes involved with Mai, one of the local Vietnamese-American women, or is she? There are many twists and turns in this story, with clues leading the reader towards the executioner that may involve the U.S. government. How deep will the mystery go? The Virgil Flowers series is excellent, especially for readers missing the womanizer that Davenport used to be, but with undertones of Virgil's minister father in the background.

John Sandford (a.k.a. John Camp) was recently embedded in Iraq, writing articles for MinnPost as well as recently covering the RNC convention. He is also releasing the 19th Davenport novel, Wicked Prey, in May. He's one busy man.

New author alert: Robin Burcell--Crime/Mystery--check out her new book, Face of a Killer and her website @ . Good reading!

Have a great night!


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