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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Krazy Kat

Our neighbors cat in absolutely insane!! I've mentioned before how he comes over to our house to grab his meals, but goes home in between snacks to rest in his luxurious cat-house (not what everyone else thinks). The cat refuses to stay inside, so they put a refurbished doghouse on their front porch with a heating pad inside under an afghan, so he will stay nice and warm. On really cold days, I have the kids carry him back to his house, so he can climb back into the warmth. Well, Killer comes over today, like any other day since he started only eating at our house, and cried for lunch. Kris goes out and feeds him his lunch, and about ten minutes later, I peeked out to see how he was or if he decided to go back home. Killer was out on the porch, picking up his cat food with his paw and eating it off his paw!! Okay, I thought the cat had just developed this love of our front porch, but maybe he thinks he's a person and, by the way, he's right pawed. I cracked up laughing at him, he has also decided he doesn't want to be watched while eating, so you can only peek at him. Cats sure are touchy.

Another interesting animal tale. On your way out of town, there is the Mason Home, used to be an old farm, and they still keep animals in the pasture, lots of cows and at this time of year, even a bull. They also have a donkey to help keep the coyotes out of the pasture. He usually hangs with the cows, kind of thinks of himself as an honorary cow, you know. But the farm next to the Mason Home has three pleasure horses, and when the horses are out, the donkey forgets that he's a cow and tries to hang out with the horses instead. He's got his head over the fence chatting up the mares. The cows are all laid back, relaxing in the sun, and Mr. Donkey thinks he's a player, coaxing the girls to the fence, and about the time they want to chat, he acts like it was their idea. Mr. Donkey is as cute as a button too. Laughed my butt off when we went out of town, and he had his neck all stretched out coaxing mares, and when we came back into town a couple of hours later, the mares had their necks all stretched out trying to talk to him. He's a lady's man after all.

Hey guys, you know that post I did about everyone else having too much free time, while I never seem to have any? Well, just ignore it while reading this post, because I apparently do have too much free time to make observations about cats, cows, and donkeys. Talk to you soon,


P.S. I think I've found another author to add to my list, Lynda Hilburn is a guest blogger on Bitten By Books @ She writes paranormal (vampire novels)and from what I've read, seems pretty good. Her website is and she participates in the blog @ If you'd like to take a peek at her work, visit any of these sites. Paranormal romance, especially vampire romance, is fun and easy to read, if you haven't tried it, maybe you should take the opportunity to try it out.


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