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Saturday, January 10, 2009

From the Ashes to a New Blog

Well, this is for anyone that was following my blog, it crashed, burned, but from the ashes of the burn, a new and better blog was born. I just kept getting this weird error message and then I couldn't post on the blog anymore. Sorry, don't know what happened, but I hope this blog works better and looks sweeter.

Kirsten competes tomorrow in gymnastics, well just tumbling. It has been an incredible long day, had to go get Kris's books at the college, which meant he had to stand in line for hooouuuurss. Kirsten had to go to the orthodontist (mouth still hurts) and doctor, she injured her back in competitive cheerleading. Pat's still good, but then he always is. All the kids did fantastic with their grades. How could it be otherwise? Hubby was busy all day with a business meeting. My Grams still her cute self. Mom and Dad doing well. Stuart still grouchy, grumpy, and growly. Killer the Kat still doesn't match his name (he should be called Krazy Kat in that he belongs to the neighbors, but for some reason will only eat at our house now!?!)

For this new blog, I chose my favorite fae, Tinkerbell, because I do believe in fairies. I do, I do.

I actually always liked the Disney fairy, she's incredibly cute and mischievous, a fairy after my own heart. I don't know, I might get sick of this template and change it tomorrow, who knows, but for right now it seems like a good idea.

Haven't been home to keep up this the news---Is Blago still the governor of Illinois, don't know but have heard on the radio that their having impeachment hearing. Did they seat Rollin Burris as the junior Senator from Illinois? Don't know that either, I'll have to turn to my trusty CNN news source to get a quick update and news fix.

Dot ^_^

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