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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winner of the EOS Books Contest

It's another GUESS WHAT? moment!!!! I was one of the winners of the EOS Books contest!!
EOS Books @ is part of the Harper-Collins Publishing House. I won the 10 years, 10 weeks, 10 giveaways....(there were 3 winners), I will receive a copy of every book EOS publishes in 2009. This happens to be the publishing house of some of my favorite authors and it means that I will be creating another blog to review all these great new books I will be receiving. If anyone else enjoys scifi, urban fantasy, young adult fiction, or paranormal, I highly recommend this blog and publisher. They have free ebooks they post online, the fur, fangs, and fey series where they interview the authors, and The Beyond podcast (which you can listen to on their website. They interview and review some of the best and newest authors in the business). I'm so excited!!! I love Jocelynn Drake's series, The Dark Days (I've read Nightwalker), she's a new author with two new books coming out in 2009. It is also the publisher of Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan Series, she also has a new book in 2009. They also publish Vicki Pettersson, Robin Hobb, Raymond E. Feist, and many, many more. I have no idea how many books I will be receive, but anyone who knows me, knows I usually have a book with me for when I have a free moment or in case I get bored and need a distraction. Another book I'm looking forward to reading is Need by Carrie Jones, I will have to pick this one up after listening to her on the new The Beyond podcast.

There are a couple of movies I would really like to see, Gran Torino, Bedtime Stories (looks really stupid--so must be excellent Adam Sandler), Inkheart (excellent book), Wolervine (of the X-Men series), Harry Potter (another excellent book), and the new Star Trek movie (some are out now, coming out in January, and this summer--many delayed due to the writer's strike).

Well, I'm so excited about the EOS books contest, I can hardly sit still. I'm wired and can't wait to get my first book!! I guess I better go for now, going to call my sister and tell her about the contest too.

Talk to you soon,
Dottie :-)


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