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Monday, January 19, 2009

Computer Problems

Okay, I know I said I kept getting an error when I tried to open my old blog, and then it deleted itself, but now I'm thinking my laptop ate it. You say, 'how could this be?' Well, it seems my hard drive is failing and I think when I had the blog open on a bad day (for the computer, that is) and it accidentally deleted it. I had both of my blogs open that day, working on my posts. When my posts vanished, I kept copies of them, but guess what, my computer also ate everything on the hard drive. This I did not know until I tried to create a new blog for reviews, and all my previous reviews were gone. A real pisser. I wondered how the blogs just vanished, but I was deleting gadgets and working on the sites. I think it just deleted everything when I pushed delete. Have to remember to keep my finger off the delete button, at least until I can purchase a new hard drive, computer isn't even 2 years old. Should have known better than to purchase a Gateway, should have stuck with Apple. It was doing weird stuff like deleting a paragraph in the middle of writing. I was trying my hand at a book and it ate it too. Another pisser. Trying to keep a backup of everything now, though it won't help me with all the stuff previously eaten. Looked up how to change out the hard drive, going to try it out, can't hurt, and maybe I'll learn another new skill or I'll be electrocuted, who knows. Just kidding, even I know enough to disconnect the power cord and remove the battery. Replaced enough electrical switches in my house to know that much, also looked to see where the hard drive is located on the laptop, looks easy enough, but if I screw it up, I can always take it to the computer shop, may as well put the new memory in myself too, if I have to crack open the computer anyway. Well, keep getting the error message that my hard drive is failing, time to go hard drive shopping. Talk to everyone soon, I hope, or it may be a few days if I end up having to take it to the doctor.

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