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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Internet - Where Anything and Everything is Available

You know, I've been surfing the Internet for a long time, yeeeaarss. But I've noticed recently that if you want to find anything, if you look hard enough (and with a narrow enough search) everything is available at the end of your finger tips. I couldn't figure out how to get my vacuum to work correctly after I replaced the belt, and on youtube, I found a video of how to change the belt on the brand and exact model of my vacuum, do you believe it? I typed in how to change a belt on my Kirby. Presto! There it was! Either people have to much time on their hands or I don't use my efficiently (this might well be the case). Anyway, the video really helped me and saved a service call to the vacuum repair shop (probably about $50). I'm not sorry everyone seems to have more time put up information on the 'net, I just wish I could find the time to try it out for myself. Maybe it's just me and I'm having one of my angst moods, but literally wiki can change by the minute, how is the information relayed so quickly?

Also, if you want to find out any information about anyone, it's available online. I like to read and I have several favorite authors. Not only does each and every one of them have a website, a blog, and a publisher page, but there are blogs about the blogs of the afore mention authors, as well as blogs about their books, breaking thoughts down of the characters in the books. You know, not every book needs to be analyzed, some are just supposed to be enjoyed. Reviewing a book is one thing, but analyzing the characters thoughts is a little over the top because they're fictional and don't actually have thoughts, although I really like to read all of it. I just want to know how they do it and what am I doing wrong? Surely, it's my time management skills, lack of sleep from the insomnia, the RSD in my ankle that's causing me perpetual pain, or maybe I'm just PMS'd today.

These are just my random musing for the day, if anyone is interested, while I'm watching Hellboy for about the hundredth time (by the way, it's one of my favorite movies and I'm enjoying watching it, have it on DVD). There just doesn't seem to be anything worth watching on TV, maybe I'll check out what's available on Hulu, a great free online source for shows and movies. Like I said everything's available on the Internet.

Have a great night and a happy tomorrow



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