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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Day That Will Not End

Well, everyone out there in blog land, I swear this is the day that will not end. I also am of the firm belief that spring will never arrive and summer will be delayed until fall, and then it will be time for freaking winter again!! LOL. It another eight inches of snow here. This morning when I looked outside (at 4:00 am no less), it was still snowing. By 8:00 am, it had stopped, but all the schools were closed. The kids are getting so bored that they're hoping school will actually be in session. I'm so tired of winter, I could SCREAM. Spent the entire day running from one doctor's appointment to the next and the roads were so slippery and icy, it was nerve racking and I didn't even have to do the driving. My ankle is killing me because of the extra stress, anything can cause the RSD to act up, but stress is the worst.

I'm almost finished with Blood Sins and I'm still waiting for Face of a Killer to come in. I can hardly wait to finish the book. The part I read was so good. Also, Jocelynn Drake has up her new cover art Dayhunter. It's really cool and sexy. I haven't start Scarpetta yet, but I hate to have too many books going at the same time, I get confused easily! Sitting watching Craig Ferguson with Cuba Gooding Jr. on, it's hilarious. Cuba making fun of the audience, about some guy sitting in back smoking (against the law), saying negro go back to the brain (talking about Cuba's new movie) and how he can hardly wait to go somewhere really warm and lay out in the sun to get blacker. Really politically incorrect, but also soooo funny. LMAO!! Since we just got home a few minutes ago, Kirsten is still up, and she's laughing too. Never seen Cuba so wild and funny before.

Stuart's mad at me for leaving him all day, he's feeling ignored, poor puppy. Growling at everyone while lying next to my leg. I hope he doesn't try to get even and take a bite out of my leg instead, you know how evil he can be. Mostly growling at eveyone else. Won't let anyone near me, possessive isn't he. Growling at Kris and licking my hand, probably tenderizing it to bite it later. The thing is he acts like he hates me some of the time too, but I did gave him a cookie, so may he'll forgive us soon. Growing sleepy so going to go for now, talk to everyone soon,



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