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Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Trying Day

Well, I'm happy to say this day is finally over. It's only 1:00 am, Kirsten has her homework for the past three day finished, pink eye caused an absence along with the inevitable eye doctor appointment (in between snow days) and her eye was pink again after school today, another call into the doc. I swear I saw myself driving back and forth to Mattoon and later in the day, on the way to Champaign. I know it was me because I was waving! I don't know when I slept longer than three hours, and that's not even because of the insomnia. The one time I'm tired even to sleep and don't have time to do it. Kris and Patrick are also coming down with some weird head cold, they even feel feverish. Forced Motrin on both of them, hope the pink eye doesn't catch onto them. Stuart is still grumpy from being ignored for the past three days, won't even come and lay next to me, which is his usual favorite spot. He just glared at me and squinted his eyes, daring me to reach out and pet him so he can take a bite of my hand. Going to force puppy sedatives on him (called rescue drops). Yes, I'm totally serious, I give my dog drops to help him to relax and not be so crabby. You can buy them at the health food store for about $10.00, well worth the investment. Buy in drops or spray, but drops I can put in his mouth (if I can get around the large, sharp teeth) because when I tried spraying his food, he refused to eat! He entirely too clever for his little doggy brain. Vet suggested when I asked for puppy Prozac. Again, no I am not joking.

There are a few new contests available online:

Jocelynn Drake @ is giving away the new cover art flats for her new book, Dayhunter (love the storyline--check my gadget for Nightwalker).

Also Rachel Vincent @ is giving away a signed set of the shifter books in celebration of her new book, Pride. Her books are great reads and filled with escapism, which I think we all need. If you haven't tried the urban fantasy genre, here is an excellent chance to do so, who doesn't love, love, love free books? On Rachel's blog, she also lists a couple of other contest, so check it out.

I didn't get Blood Sins finished today, because as you know, I was on the road all day long, but did get Cold Case by Robin Burcell in, wanted Face of a Killer, darn it! Snow is delaying everything. I have pictures to post, but I'm waiting to load them on my computer, it's still under the weather, mostly because I haven't had time to find a compatible hard drive.

Well, Stuart finally has calmed down and lying at my feet, I hope not to bite them! He looks so cute and sweet, but doesn't even like the kids to move around in their sleep. So, fellow bloggers, going to call it a night or should I say a tomorrow.

Talk to you later (at least after the sun comes up)



sssalad said...

Hope everythings going better for you guys now! Happy Monday! LOL

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